The method to backup, restore and delete data


The contacts, agenda, message and etc. in mobile phones is much important to consumers. Once the data missing, it’ll influence on user’s life. So the method to backup data is necessary for users.

1.Backup and Recovery

(1)Back up

We use Ascend P7 as the example, EMUI 2.3

Step 1: Finding the icon Backup in the desktop, after entering the software backup page, click the button “New backup” under the “Local backup”.

Step 2: After entering the page of selecting backup data, select the requirement data (message, call record, contacts) to backup. Click the button 'backup' starting backup.

Step 3: After finish backup data, click the button “OK” on the bottom of the page to end backup date.

Directions: If SD has limitation storage, users have to backup necessary data or delete some data storage in SD.
If select “Encrypt your backup”, the system would let you set the password first. Encrypt backup steps is:
Step 1: After entering the page of backup software, select ‘Encrypt your backup’ first, and then click the button ‘New backup’.

Step 2: Click the button “Back UP” to enter the page of setting up password, and the set up the password according to the tips. If you want to see the password, you could select “Display password” (The password can’t be retrieved. For help users remember the password, the system set up “Password hint” item). After filling the password, click the button ‘Next’ to finish setting up password, while starting the data backup.

Step 3: After backup ends, click ‘OK’ on the bottom of the page to finish encrypt backup. Return the homepage, you can see the latest record of encrypt backup including the backup name and the time.

(2)Data Recovery

Step 1: Entering the homepage of backup, click the backup record and enter in the page of recovery. Then select recovery content, click the button ‘Recovery’ on the bottom of the page.

Step 2:After hint recovery is success, click the button ‘OK’ on the bottom of the page to finish recovery. If want to recover the encrypt data, you should return the homepage of Backup page. After click the encrypt backup and input the password, the data can be recovered.

2.Data Delete

When the mobile phone should be recycled or has some problems, the data on it needs to be deleted and we can restore the phone. We use honor mobile to introduce the method of data delete.

Step 1: Enter the homepage of ‘All’, then click the button ‘Backup & reset’.

Step 2: After entering the interface of ‘Backup & reset’, click the button ‘Factory data reset’.

Step 3: After entering the interface, select ‘Reset phone’. If you want to erase all music and pictures on the internal storage, you can tick ‘Erase internal storage’.

Step 4: The system will display the influence after delete data. After select ‘Reset phone’, the phone will be restart and finish factory data resetting.

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