Cloud Service


    Emotion UI

    Emotion UI is a simple, powerful, and user-friendly UI system based on the Android operating system for smart device.

    Uni- Home: Home screen and the main menu are integrated for easier navigation and organization of applications

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  • Open Cloud Platform

    Huawei Open Cloud Platform helps developers realize their business ambitions through Huawei devices. It boasts the following five highlights: open basic capability, open communication capability, open storage capacity, open user data, and open business channels. As the supreme headquarter for Huawei developers, App Center helps developers to develop, publish, and manage their applications. Moreover, it also provides advertising and payment services to assist developers in a close-loop business.

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    App Center

    App Center is a platform to download Android-based applications. With Huawei's global technology service platform and strong developer community, users can search, download, manage, and share their favorite Android-based applications freely. Meanwhile, App center is the first one in China offering update service with less flow and faster speed, saving up to 76% of your time and flow

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