Huawei G8 Photography

Everyone wants to look perfect in every photo. And with
the Huawei G8, you can. The G8's advanced camera technology
that makes taking beautiful pictures easier than ever.

Ultra-Low Light

A 13MP BSI camera with optical image stabilization and a large aperture 28mm wide-angle
lens help you to capture amazingly sharp images in even the most challenging conditions.


Real-Time Beauty Make-Up

Real-time beauty make-up lets you choose a
beauty template for your portrait and preview it
on the screen.

High-Dynamic Flashlight

High-dynamic flashlight brings a new dimension to night-time shooting,
highlighting figures in the foreground and adjusting
the light to make everything brighter and more visible.

Smart Composition

Smart composition focuses on everyone in the photo and gives you suggestions
on how to make the picture even better.

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