Made to Last. Designed for Life
It takes time, precision and more than 52 separate manufacturing processes to produce the HUAWEI Mate 8. Made with aerospace-grade aluminum featuring a brushed metal finish, the HUAWEI Mate 8 is a combination of cutting-edge engineering and beautiful design.
Feels as Good as It Looks
To give the HUAWEI Mate 8 its smooth finish, the display is covered with 2.5D diamond cut glass, sculpted with ultra-fast glass cutting technology for a seamless finish. This unique production process also means that the latest addition to the Mate series is slimmer than ever, with a larger screen-to-body ratio than any other smartphone in its category.
Knows You Like No Other
The fingerprint sensor on the back of the HUAWEI Mate 8 has been re-designed for enhanced performance. The circular sensor matches the shape of your finger, and the depth of the concave area has been decreased to 0.45 mm to enable your finger to get closer to the chipset for improved recognition accuracy and speed. In addition, the metallic ring has been removed for a minimalist design.
Larger Screen-to-body Ratio
HUAWEI Mate 8 uses a 6-inch FHD screen with 95% colour saturation. Even with a larger screen, the smart design of HUAWEI Mate 8 is more compact than previous models with a 85% screen-to-body ratio.
Slimmer Dimensions and Thinner Edges
HUAWEI Mate 8 has slimmer dimensions and 7.9 mm edges - 0.4 mm thinner than Mate 7. By using diamond cutting technology, it makes HUAWEI Mate 8 visually thinner than other products.
Sandblasting on the Rear Surface
HUAWEI Mate 8 employs meticulous yet soft sandblasting on the rear surface. The combination of sandblasting, trimming, and the fine metallic drawing process contribute to a rich yet smooth texture.
Life’s True Colours
Sometimes the most important choices are the hardest ones to make. That's why the HUAWEI Mate 8 is available in four stunning colours: champagne gold, moonlight silver, sky grey, and mocha brown.
All The Time You Need, For Everything You Want To Do