19 March, 2009

DiGi Redefines Real Value in Mobile Broadband in Malaysia

-- Launching Malaysia's first 14.4Mbps network and simplifying mobile broadband for the right customer experience --

(Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – Mar 19, 2009) – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") today launched its broadband service with a clear promise of value and quality internet to the people to set right customer experience and expectations. Speaking at the official launch graced by the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications YB Dato' Shaziman bin Abu Mansor, Johan Dennelind (DiGi CEO) addressed the need to shake up the current broadband user experience.

"It is about getting it right for the customers with meaningful differences to make broadband a little nicer. We are challenged to be the initiator of change in the broadband market the same way we did in voice, which we are excited to do. We have capitalized on the broadband experience of others including Telenor's best practices. Our go-to-market strategies turn the tables on market norms with a fresh approach to broadband that puts customer experience as a top priority," said Dennelind.

DiGi CEO, Johan Dennelind delivering his speech on DiGi Broadband Launch

Minister of Energy, Water and Communications YB Dato' Shaziman bin Abu Mansor delivering his speech during the event

Being the newest broadband provider in Malaysia, DiGi has invested in the latest HSPA technology to be the first in Malaysia deploying a 14.4Mbps network to enable both fast downloads and uploads. "While we leverage on technological innovation, we will also place equal weight on delivering quality experience to our customers. We are determined to get this right. To this end, DiGi will be managing our bandwidth capacity closely to ensure network stability for reliable customer experience," said Dennelind.

Photo Shoot session with DiGi's Strategic Partners

(which includes Huawei, Nokia-Siemens and HP)

Token of Appreciation to DiGi from Huawei

From left:

Mr. Vijaya Kumar (DiGi Broadband),

Mr. Tang Siew Wai (Head of Huawei Terminals – Malaysia)

Mr. Chris Yim (DiGi Account Director, Huawei – Malaysia)

In his speech, Dennelind also expressed his sincerest appreciation to DiGi's strategic partners for making this launch possible. Among the main partners / vendors that participated in this exciting launch includes Huawei Technologies, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Nokia-Siemens Networks and HW Distribution Sdn Bhd.

Dennelind added, "Our broadband journey has just begun. I believe a true test of success would be when we can elevate the quality of broadband experience. We are ready for the challenge to deliver best value Internet to the people."

For more information on DiGi Broadband services, please visit http://www.digi.com.my/broadband/

DiGi E219 HSDPA USB Modem from Huawei

Huawei E960 Wireless Gateway for Online Gaming

DiGi E230 HSPA USB Modem from Huawei