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Huawei Introduces ME906, the LTE M.2 Module Covering Worldwide LTE Network Standards

23 January, 2013

[Shenzhen, China, January 23, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today unveiled the LTE M.2 module, ME906, which meets LTE network standards around the world. The ME906 will be available in three versions - E, V and J - in March in North America/Japan and April in Europe.

Huawei’s ME906 is an LTE module that supports complete PCI-SIG M.2 interface. Developed for light, thin products, the M.2 interface is expected to the standard of interface access for Ultrabook, Tablet and Smart PC in the future. Compared with the Mini PCI-e card, the M.2 is smaller in size, equipped with updated features, and more flexible when used on the I/O bus line, all of which facilitate product innovation among OEMs. To ensure full network connection despite any limitations of the LTE network, the ME906 also supports UMTS, EVDO and GSM.

“We expect the M.2 standard to become the first choice of WWAN embedded solution,” said He Jin Jun, Director, Huawei Data Solution Department. “with the advantage of global technical support platforms, global certification and carrier test approval, ME906 is easier and more flexible design and integration into end devices, to speed up Time to Mark , help OEMs to quickly expand across the global market to meet customer demands.”

The ME906 module supports worldwide LTE network standards, the globally recognized 4G technology. According to a recent GSA report, 113 LTE networks were implemented across 51 countries as of November 2012, and this number is expected to increase to 209 networks across 75 countries by the end of 2013. With its two key information - M.2 and LTE - the ME906 is expected to become an leading and best selling product in the industry.

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