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Exceed the Limits
Screen Camera LTE Cat4 Super-long Life Voice Calls
Ultra Thin 7.18 mm thin The new MediaPad X1 exceeds the limits, redefining the possibilities of design, functionality, and experience. Its ultra-slim 7.18 mm body makes it the most slender tablet in its class, while its fast LTE connectivity, advanced quad-core chip and FHD screen provide the ultimate multimedia experience, whether you're playing, sharing, watching, or surfing.
The Right Size 2.99 mm narrow frame, 80% screen to body ratio By reducing the width of its bezel to an incredibly narrow 2.99 mm, the MediaPad X1 achieves an incredible 80% screen to body ratio. The ultra-compact borderless design makes everything you do on your MediaPad X1 more spectacular. Every hour spent surfing the web, connecting with your friends or watching movies is easier and more fun. And its convenient size means it fits comfortably in your pocket when you want to take it out on the road.
Surprisingly Light Weighs only 239 g The beautifully crafted unibody frame of the MediaPad X1 has been engineered using cutting-edge technology. Built with ultra-light and ultra-resistant aluminum alloy, the MediaPad X1 is strong, resistant, and astonishingly beautiful. The best part is that its size and weight weren’t even compromised, the MediaPad X1 is so light you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go. At only 239 grams it weighs the same as a magazine or a small bottle of water and is perfect for comfortable holding.
Full High-Definition 1200 X 1920 resolution with 323 PPI full lamination screen The MediaPad X1's 7" FHD screen is built with a 178 degree wide angle IPS display that gives you an incredible visual experience with a sharpness and definition that redefines the tablet experience. Enjoy unbelievable detail and contrasts every time you watch, play, connect, or surf.
LTPS Screen Vivid colors, better saturation, reduced battery consumption The MediaPad X1 opens up a new world for tablet screen capacity. Its LTPS screen uses active matrix LCD screen technology to provide faster refreshment and denser pixels, which means a noticeably higher resolution. These next-generation screens also reduce your power consumption by up to 30%.
Suspended Touch Suspended touch and Non-Touch Floating Operation The advanced touch-screen technology on the MediaPad X1 is both exceptionally resistant and extremely sensitive, providing benefits like non-touch floating operation support and double-click screen activation.
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Gloves Mode Super-sensitive touch screen The touch screen technology on the MediaPad X1 is both exceptionally resistant and extremely sensitive, providing benefits like non-touch floating operation support and double-touch screen activation. In Gloves Mode you‘ll be able to use your MediaPad X1 when wearing thick winter gloves.
Rear Camera A completely new experience Is it a camera or a tablet? Once you start snapping away with the 13MP rear camera with a large F2.2 diaphragm, 5 lens assembly with Hybrid IR flash, you may find yourself asking that question on more than one occasion.
Front Camera Built to impress The front camera features a 5MP sensor with an amazing 22 mm wide-angle lens. So whichever way you point it, you’ll take photos and videos that will never leave you disappointed.
Beauty The Beauty feature is designed to transform your snapshots into flawless portraits and enhance the texture of the image to give your photos a smoother, brighter, and more professional appearance.
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LTE Cat4 Fast taken to faster The era of 4G LTE has arrived. What better way to celebrate than with a device that is built to fully complement the speed and power of 4G technology.
4G Router Connect and share ultra-fast LTE Cat4 You can use your MediaPad X1 as a 4G router, creating a hotspot to share lightning-fast 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds. 4G connectivity lets you stream movies without interruption, download content in a flash, and enjoy seamless video conferencing without dropouts.
Big Battery Massive 5000 mAh battery By optimizing the design of the MediaPad X1, we were able to fit a much larger 5000 mAh battery inside, at least 20% bigger than batteries used in other pocket-sized tablets. The result is many more hours to enjoy your MediaPad X1 without having to worry about finding the charger.
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Reverse Charging Power sharing Use the massive battery in your MediaPad X1 as a power source for other devices with the Reverse Charging function. A great way to share your power with friends or your other multimedia devices.
Exceed the Limits of Your Phone All-support voice communication The MediaPad X1 supports high-quality voice calling across 4G LTE networks, 3G WCDMA and Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication wherever you are.
Talk Band Bluetooth headset and smart band accessory The MediaPad X1 is compatible with Huawei’s Talk Band, the world’s first hybrid Bluetooth headset and smart band, which allows both hands-free calling and fitness tracking in one smart device. Talk Band gives you over 7 hours talk time with more than two weeks on standby. It also tracks your exercise and sleep patterns, adding even more functionality to your MediaPad X1. Welcome to the future of mobile life.
Emotion UI 2.0 Choose your UI Now you can select the OS you want. Choose between Android or Huawei’s Emotion UI 2.0 for an even simpler and more intuitive user experience. It's up to you.
Phone Manager Easily manage everything on your MediaPad X1 The MediaPad X1 comes with the most advanced Phone Manager system available, giving you the chance to manage the most important things you need to keep under control.
Phone Accelerator Storage Cleaner Harassment Filter Power Saving Permission Manager Networked Apps Notification Manager Start Manager
Enhanced Email Manage your emails Huawei’s advanced email management system organizes the important things you need to keep under control, like sorting your incoming emails, searching for information, using intelligent bookmarks or creating reminders. The perfect companion to your professional or casual lifestyle.
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Huawei Multi-Screen Mirror your content Hook up your MediaPad X1 to your TV to wirelessly watch your content on the big screen. Simply mirror your MediaPad X1 with your TV, or any other multimedia device, and tap and flick to wirelessly transfer your content.
Huawei Multi-Screen Share your content Turn your MediaPad X1 into the perfect multimedia hub, thanks to the Multi-Screen feature that lets you instantly share music, videos, images and more.
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