A Letter from CEO

We live in a world with a growing number of people, many of them seeking a better lifestyle. But Earth’s finite resources are being rapidly depleted. Are today’s business models equipped to deal with this situation?

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We are thoughtful about the impact of our business practices. We empower people by providing products and services that help customers to access technology, improve productivity, and stay connected and healthy.

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The population is growing. As we strive to build better lives for ourselves, we look to a planet with finite resources only to find that they are rapidly running out. We believe that sustainability is about building a better future for everyone, and we developed our business model in a way that prioritizes the protection of our planet and its resources.

Responsible Sourcing

People are the source of value at Huawei. Their health, safety, and well-being are of the utmost importance to us – not just the people who work at Huawei, but who work with us across the entire supply chain. We abide by a strict set of standards for suppliers, with indicators for labor, health, safety, working environment, and business ethics, to actively appraise their compliance and manage our relationship accordingly.

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