• Accessibility

    We believe that every person deserves equal access to the benefits of digital technology. So we make our products for everyone, and specifically design them for accessibility across a broad spectrum of physical ability, technological prowess, and socioeconomic background.

    More than 50 EMUI applications adapted to information accessibility infrastructure, helping users with travel, shopping, entertainment, and other aspects of their lives.

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    Simplified layouts on the phone's desktop make the device more usable for people who specially needed.

  • Productivity

    In a world of information overload, Huawei helps you organize your work, and your life.

  • Connections

    We encourage young children to access the latest technology while avoiding overuse. For example, Huawei’s software allows parents to limit their children’s phone use and the sites they visit. That way, parents, children, families and friends can stay more closely connected – both online and off – in a friendly and safe online environment.

  • Health

    Huawei products help you lead a more healthy life by keeping track of your physical fitness and encouraging you to be more active.

    As your personal health assistant, HUAWEI Band monitor your heart rate when you are doing exercises. It can also monitor different stages of sleep, such as Rapid Eye Movement, light and deep sleep; and provide personalized, scientific suggestions for improving your health.

    Your physical condition and exercise results can be digitally measured by Huawei’s intelligent body fat scale. This helps you design a fitness program supported by the experiences of thousands of other fitness fans.

    Eye-protection mode :Too much time in front of the smart phones? Huawei's technology protects your eyes by reducing harmful blue light emitted by the screen.