Oct 02. 2012

“Ascend” – Smartphone With High Speed Usability Casts

Tokyo, October 2, 2012: HUAWEI Technologies Japan K.K., a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider (hereafter referred to as HUAWEI Japan), will cast Kiko Mizuhara, a model and actress who is gaining in popularity, as the commercial character for Ascend HW-01E – a smartphone that provides high speed usability. The model, which realized the world’s fastest device activation of 5 seconds*, is compatible with ultra high-speed Xi communication. It will be distributed by NTT DoCoMo as part of its “Docomo With Series” line starting this fall. The commercial will air major cities starting from later than the end of October when Ascend HW-01E begins distribution.

"Ascend" is the name of a series of smartphones HUAWEI offers globally. Kiko Mizuhara was cast in the Japanese commercial for Ascend HW-01E, The commercial will portray Ascend’s world view -- that is to improve the quality of daily life for people who are constantly seeking to make progress. It will debut with great impact as the new alternative in smartphones that delivers high speed.

The “Encounter” version of the commercial will stir up a feeling of hope and anticipation for Ascend HW-01E. In two other commercials – “High speed download” and “Camera recording” -- Ascend HW-01E’s ease of use will be interpreted by Kiko Mizuhara as she appears to weightlessly dance in midair. The commercial’s objective is to communicate HW-01E’s product features of ease of use and fast speed. It will also aim to convey the global feeling of the product through Kiko Mizuhara’s presence and the streets of New York. The commercial will present Ascend as a light, stress-free new smartphone that is easy to use.

*According to a survey conducted by HUAWEI on August 28, 2012. Does not apply when activating for the first time and during battery replacement. The activation time may vary depending on the user’s environment.