Themes and wallpaper

Changing the theme
Spice up your phone and configure a unique theme that reflects your personality.
Open “”“Themes”, select a theme, and then touch “”. Touch “” to mix and match lock screen methods, wallpapers, app icons, fonts, and more.

Changing the wallpaper
Set your favorite photo or image as your phone's wallpaper.
1. Open “”“Settings” and select “Display”.

2. Touch “Wallpaper”, and then touch “Lock screen wallpaper” or “Home screen wallpaper”.

Set the wallpaper: In the “Wallpapers” or “Live wallpaper” tabs, select an image, and then follow the onscreen instructions to set it as the wallpaper.

You can also open “”“Gallery”, touch and hold an image, and then touch “ > Set as > Wallpaper”. Follow the onscreen instructions to set the image as the wallpaper.
Shake your phone to change the wallpaper: Turn on the “Shake to change” switch. The wallpaper will change every time you shake your phone. Turn on the “Random change” switch, and then set “Interval” and “Album to display”. Your phone will automatically change the wallpaper at the specified time interval.

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