Green Recycling Program
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Huawei will always be with you to construct a green world! We will make it possible!

Used cell phones that are carelessly discarded or improperly processed may cause serious environmental problems and jeopardize your health and safety. To give a new life to used cell phones, promote resource recycling and protect the environment,Huawei will recycle your used cell phones for free to help construct a green world.

Know more contributions that Huawei makes to construct a green world.

To maximize resource usage, Huawei effectively processes recycled cell phones in an eco-friendly way by using the following methods:

  • Process electronic wastes through professional recyclers
  • Comply with local environment laws and regulations to process some electronic wastes that recycled.
  • Never employ child or prison labor to process electronic wastes.
  • Delete private data on your devices in a professional way to protect your privacy.
  • Reduce the electronic waste landfill rate to the minimum during the recycle.

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