1. Introduction to HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection

Defintion of HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection

HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection is designed to protect customers from paying extra amount for accidental damages. HUAWEI is determined to provide the warmest service in the industry, the customers can enjoy the follwing service after purchasing HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection:

One time screen repair/replacement when the screen cracks due to accidental falling, compressing, and crashing. The customer can purchase HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection with the new device. The customer can only purchase and use HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection once for one device.

selling points

HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection, worry passes, money remains.(Saves money, Saves worry)

● Replace with genuine screen
● Manufacture warranty remains
● Easy to claim & repair


HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection can not be purchased after disassembling the device, disassembling device or repairing it means the warranty will became invalid, and Huawei can reclaimning the old screen.

2. Applicable Scope of HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection

Applicable country:

Applicable country of the service product is UAE, for the countries outside UAE, please contact the local Huawei Customer Service Center.

Applicable Products:

Applicable products of HUAWEI Care- Screen Protection:

Applicable Product Brand HUAWEI
Applicable Product Category Smartphone and Tablet

3. Purchase Methods and Conditions of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection

Purchase methods:


Purchase Methods Purchase channels Operations
Online Purchase Huawei Store Purchase with the new device in the product purchase page of the HUAWEI Store.
Offline Purchase ● HES
● HUAWEI Customer Service Center
Purchase with the new device, for the details, please contact the service personnel of the sales store.

Purchase times:

Customers can purchase only once for each device.

4. Applicable Device Model list and Price of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection

Category Smartphone series Tablet series Price (AED)
1 Year HUAWEI Accidental Screen Protection for Smartphone & Pad Y series MatePad T series 69
Nova series
P lite series
P pro series MatePad pro series 99
Mate pro series MatePad series

5. Benefits After Purchasing HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection

Purchase Invoice

Request a valid proof of purchase from corresponding seller after purchasing HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection.

Effectiveness of Benefits

Benefits of Huawei Care-Screen Protection will be effected automatically without the customer's activation, and the purchase record will be automatically imported into Huawei After-Sales System. If HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection is purchased offline or from HUAWEI Store, the benefits will be effected within the twenty four (24) hours from the time of purchase or signing for.

Termination of Benefits

HUAWEI Screen- Protection Service term starts from the day of purchase it till 24 o'clock on the expiration date of one-year period.

The benefits of HUAWEI Screen- Protection Service will be terminated in any of the following cases:

● The validity period of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection specified in the service terms has been reached, or the customer has enjoyed Screen Protection Service for repairing during the validity service period.

● Tested by the engineers of HUAWEI Customer Service Center, the terminal product has been repaired by unofficial HUAWEI Customer Service Center, that will be confirmed as a private act of disassembling or repairing.

● If Huawei finds that you intentionally damage(d) the product to achieve the fraud purpose, the benefits of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection willl be terminated immediately.

a. If you or a Family member or anyone acting on behalf of you/them makes a false or fraudulent claim or supports a claim with any false or fraudulent document or statement including inflating or exaggerating a claim, you will lose all benefits and Fees you have paid for the Policy.

b. We may also recover any sums we have already paid under the Policy.

c. If you or a Family member provides us with false information, statements or documents, we will record this on anti-fraud databases and may also notify other organizations.

d. Law applying to the Policy (Unless agreed otherwise)

e. The language of the Policy and all communications relating to it will be English. UAE law will apply to this agreement.

Benefits Query Methods

If the customer purchased HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection, the cutomer can query the benefits of it from the Consumer Business Official Website, Support App or Hotline.

Query channel Query Path
Service APP Within 3- 4 working days after purchasing, you may go to your Huawei pre-installed HiCare APP > Me (please make sure you already logged in HUAWEI HiCare APP)
Consumer Business Official Website Firstly, Click " Support" on the top of Consumer Business Official Website, next click "More Services" on the left of the page, after that click "Warranty Period and Support Service Query", and input the SN and Verification Code in query page, then the customer can view the corresponding information of the device benefits of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection.
Or you can click the link to enqury:
HUAWEI Consumer Hotline The customer should prepare Device SN(serial number) in advance, then call 80066600 to query the benefits of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection according to the voice prompt.

6. Use of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection Benefits

Use Methods

Consumers can use the benefits through the following channels:

a. Contact us by calling HUAWEI Hotline 80066600. We will carry out an initial assessment of your claim.

b. Or you can visit a claim request by visiting one of our Authorized HUAWEI Service Centers in UAE.

Participating Service Centers

The customer can search the addresses of the Service Centers from this link:


Times of Use

The service product can be used only once within the validity period.

Inapplicable Conditions of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection

a. any incident occurring outside the warranty period;

b. any covered item that was not in full working order when you purchased the warranty;

c. damage as a result of a covered item being used by someone else other than you or a member of your family;

d. any claim where you are unable to provide proof of purchase of a covered item;

e. any claim where the Serial Number for a covered item or the IMEI number for a Smartphone or a Tablet has been removed or tampered with in any way;/p>

f. any Incident involving damage that results in a claim for the covered item and which is not reported to us within two weeks of discovery;

g. any costs suffered by you or a member of your Family as a result of not being able to use an covered item or any costs other than the repair or replacement cost of a covered item;

h. unauthorized repair or modification undertaken by any third party service provider;

i. any claim arising from the confiscation, requisition or destruction of a covered item by any government, public or legal authority;

j. any labor or other charges incurred where a fault cannot be found with a covered item;

k. any costs or damage caused to a covered item by war, terrorism, invasion, revolution or any similar event.

● If the product has liquid penetration/been bent or deformed, it cannot be covered by the original manufacturer's warranty.

● If the product is disassembled or repaired without authorization, the rights of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection are no longer enjoyed, and the original manufacturer's warranty is no longer enjoyed.

7. HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection FAQ

FAQ Answers
The customer report that he/she purchased the HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection, but the benefits cannot be inquired,how to deal with it? Customers complain that they have purchased the HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection but the benefits cannot be inquired. The hotline personnel need to perform the following steps to locate the fault:
Firstly, Check whether the customer purchases HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection but or a third-party screen protection product through the purchase channel or purchase certificate, if it's a third-party screen protection product, then inform the user to contact third-party merchants for consultation.
If it's HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection presented with the new purchased device, and the benefits cannot be inquired after 24 hours of benefits generation time, inform the user to contact the HUAWEI Store Customer Service for consultation.
If it's confirmed that what the customer purchased is HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection, the Hotline will help the user inquire about the device benefits.
If the benefits cannot be found out, please record the user's information to update the processing according, and feedback to BUI of HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection uniformly.
Why can I purchase HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection of some smartphone and tablet models with the new devices in HUAWEI Store, but they are not in the HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection list? Because some device models are gradually removed from the market, so the corresponding service products(HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection, HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty) gradually removed from the market too. In order to fit the purchase needs of customers, HUAWEI Store will keep the models for a period of time after it is removed from the list, so the models in the list may not cover all the service products of saleable models. For the details, see the purchase page on the HUAWEI Store.
How long does HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection last? 1 year starting from the date of purchase.
Is cosmetic damage covered? Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents aren’t covered, but cracked screens are.
Who are Alliance Insurance PSC? This policy is underwritten by Alliance Insurance PSC., which has its registered office in Dubai, U.A.E. and operates under the trading name Alliance Insurance PSC. Business address is: Warba Centre 2nd & 3rd Floor Deira, Dubai United Arab Emirates Allliance Insurance PSC is an insurer licensed to act in the United Arab Emirates with corporate identification No 206782 and registered with the Federal Tax Authority No 100042583300003.
What do you mean by cracked screen? The screen cracks due to accidental falling, compressing, and crashing.
Any other spare parts of the device are cracked due to accidental falling, compressing and crashing will not be covered in this warranty.
When my screen got cracked, where do I make a claim? a. Get in touch with us by calling HUAWEI Hotline 80066600. We will carry out an initial assessment of your claim.
b. Or you can visit a claim request by visiting one of our Authorized Huawei Service Centers in UAE.
Do I have to pay for the claim? The screen repair/replacement is totally free for all successful claims.
What documents should I prepare in advance while making a claim? You can just go to make a claim with your device or with the original receipt.