1. Descriptions of the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)

Service type: HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)

Service period:  1 year  extension of hardware warranty starting from the end of original warranty period provided by manufacturer

2. Applicable Scope of HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) Service

2.1 Provide free repair for malfunctions of Huawei devices that are not caused by man-made damage within the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) period.

2.2 The HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) does not cover damage of separable battery, adapters, data cables, or any other accessories. Built-in batteries are covered within the extended warranty.

2.3 Replacement instead of A Third Repair does not apply in the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) period.

2.4 Service period: from end user’s purchase date of device to the end date of the purchased HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) period.

2.5 The following restrictions apply to handsets and all accessories, the Supplier will not provide free repair for any of the following conditions:

(a) Disassemble and repair without authorization and permission of Huawei.

(b) Liquid penetration, or the damaged device is not within the warranty period.

(c) SN code/ESN code is scrapped off or blurry.

(d) Damage due to end-user’s misuse of device.

(e) Damage due to accidents or lack of care.

(f) Damage due to incorrect testing, maintenance, debugging or other changes.

(g) Break or damage of antenna that is not caused by defect in material, or quality of production.

(h) Break or damage of plastic outer shell or other outer components caused during use.

(i) Damage or functional abnormality due to misuse of device without following the device’s user manual or due to connection to accessories that are not original Huawei accessories.

(j) Other mobile phone damages caused by the conducts of consumers are not covered by free maintenance.

3. Return Policy:

3.1 HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) cannot be returned separately as a single product.

3.2 If the original device is returned due to quality issue, then the warranty can be returned along with the device.

3.3 If the original device is returned within 7 days, then the warranty can be returned along with the device.

4. Original spare parts will be used for repair;

5. You can visit any Huawei customer service center for repair;

6. The defective parts of the phone to be repaired belong to Huawei. Huawei will reclaim the parts through the customer service center.

7. If your mobile phone is returned within 14 days after purchase, we will return the purchase fee;

If your mobile phone is replaced within 14 days after purchase, the replaced mobile phone will inherit the extended warranty rights of the previous mobile phone.

In other cases, this cannot be returned or replaced.

8. Any dispute or difference arising in relation to extended warranty thereof shall be subject to the sole and exclusive of courts in Dubai UAE.

9. Any more information or support, please call 80066600 for help.


1. Where can I purchase HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

  • Huawei Experience Store
  • Huawei Customer Service Center only if the device has been purchased for less than 10 months.

2. Under which circumstances, I can re-purchase HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

Repurchase Channel Huawei Customer Service Center
Repurchase conditions i. the device is purchased via Huawei Official Retail Channels
ii. The device has been purchased for less than 10 months. (The starting date should be based on the purchase date on the original receipt.)
iii. Bring the original receipt and the device to Huawei Customer Service Center

3. If my device had been repaired, can I still buy the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

  • If the device has been purchased less than 10 months, is in warranty and has never been entitled to any HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty), then the repurchase is feasible once the assessment is proved valid by Huawei Customer Service Center.
  • One device can only be entitled to the warranty for just one time.

4. If my device is purchased outside UAE, can I still purchase the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) for my phone?

  • No. Apologize for the inconvenience. But you can always check with the local retailers or Huawei Service Centers whether the warranty is available in the local market.

5. Do liquid immersion and cracked screen be included in the HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

  • Liquid immersion and cracked screen belong to end-user’s misuse which is not covered by HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty).

6. How can I claim HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

  • Get in touch with us by calling Huawei Hotline 80066600. We will carry out an initial assessment of your claim.
  • Or you can visit a claim request by visiting one of our Authorized Huawei Service Centers in UAE.

7. Which service center should I visit in order to make a claim?

  • Dubai Location: Showroom # 2, Sky Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road. Nearest Landmark: Rose Studio nearest land marks: Financial Center metro station (at the left side) & Emirates tower metro station (at the right side) both are 200 Meter away from service center. The working time is from Saturday to Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM and Friday is closed. Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/c99UCSoSXWJ2
  • Abu Dhabi location: Defense Road, OPP el Wehda Mall, Hazzaa Bin Zayed ST. The working time is from Saturday to Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM and Friday is closed. Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/FtCqhcEweXE2

8. What’s the difference between the official and the unofficial HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty)?

  • The official warranty status can be check on Huawei official website, and can be claimed in all Huawei Customer Service Centers across the country.
  • The unofficial one cannot be valid for the above terms.

9. What models are entitled to the warranty?

Category Device Model Price (AED)
1 year HUAWEI Care (Extended Warranty) HUAWEI Mate 20 RS 399
HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro 199
HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G
HUAWEI P30 Pro 256G
HUAWEI P30 Pro 512G
HUAWEI P30 Pro 128G
HUAWEI Mate 20 149
HUAWEI Mate 20 X
HUAWEI nova 4 99
HUAWEI P30 lite
HUAWEI P30 lite High Version
HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 49
HUAWEI Y6 Prime 2019
HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2019
HUAWEI Y6 2019
HUAWEI Y7 2019
HAUWEI Y9 2019

  • VAT included.