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          Our mission at Huawei is to create meaningful products and technologies that help people in their everyday lives. We believe that by combining Artificial Intelligence with human expertise, we can take creativity beyond expectations and use it to positively impact the world around us.

          Last year we taught our AI to drive a car, we used AI to positively change the lives of deaf children through StorySign, and in February 2019, our AI successfully completed Schubert’s 200 year old, famously unfinished Symphony No.8.

          Our latest project is our most ambitious yet. We have used the power of AI to positively change the fashion industry, by developing the world’s first AI driven fashion collection. We have used our AI to provide a creative starting point for designers to bring in a new era of fashion design.


          Fashion Flair is the next chapter of Huawei's Humanly Possible story. We set out to use our AI to support fashion designers with their initial designs, based on true-to-life experiences, which they could use as the inspiration and building blocks for their next fashion creation.

          We trained a HUAWEI P30 Pro with tens of thousands of images from the most iconic fashion shows in the last 100 years to create a Huawei Fashion Flair app. By setting basic parameters such as colour, shape, length and pattern within the app, designers can use the HUAWEI P30 Pro to generate an infinite number of dress designs that can be used as a source of inspiration to complete a garment.

          To add the human element to our technology innovation, we partnered with creative mastermind Anna Yang, the Creative Director and founder of ANNAKIKI, to develop a 20 piece collection which we unveiled at a live fashion show in Milan.



          Huawei unveiled the first ever AI driven fashion collection with a live fashion show, hosted at the iconic SuperStudio+ in Milan on Thursday 9th May 2019, in front of 500 guests from around the world.

          The Fashion Flair app was used as the inital inspiration for all 20 pieces, with Anna Yang also using the colour range of the HUAWEI P30 Series products as further inspiration. The collection is now available at LUISAVIAROMA.COM

          With Fashion Flair, we have shown again how AI and human creativity can combine to produce amazing new pieces of art. 

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          Take a look to see how we used the power of AI to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible

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