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      Help our Charity Partners

      Many of the 32 million deaf children in the world struggle to read. Together, we can help change that. Working with the European Union of the Deaf, British Deaf Association and Deaf Australia Inc. we have used the power of Huawei AI to create StorySign, a free app that opens the world of books to deaf children, available in Australia on Google Play Store from February 2019. But if you want to help even more deaf children learn how to read, please make a donation to help support our charity partners’ literacy programmes including the future development of StorySign.

      The deaf community is in need of accessible content to address children’s literacy development needs and digital tools like StorySign is addressing this necessity.

      — Kyle Miers, CEO, Deaf Australia Inc.

      Help change the story of deaf literacy

      Right now, millions of deaf children are struggling to enjoy the wonderful world of books. By making a donation to our charity partners, you will support literacy programmes including the future development of StorySign.


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