Technology has evolved at an incredible pace over the last decade, and what used to be considered futuristic and almost impossible to fathom has today become an integral part of our everyday lives and is currently reshaping every aspect of human activity.

But what are the changes we can expect to see in the next five years? And what technology innovations will lead to a shift in societal norms? Working in partnership with renowned futurist, Rohit Talwar, we unveil the futuristic activities that will enhance our everyday lives and change everything from lifestyles, relationships and work, to our food, leisure and travel experiences.

Food and Dining

Say goodbye to Friday night takeaways and cooking-related chores! Thanks to AI and 5G connectivity, tedious food tasks will be a thing of the past. Butler Bots will be able to shop, prepare and serve meals for you in highly interconnected smart kitchens that can lay and clear the table. AI and smart home devices have the ability to extend the boundaries of what is humanly possible. The Huawei Assistant is already bringing a new level of intelligent performance to users by helping them to find services and information when and where they are needed.

Fashion and Beauty

After using AI to positively change the fashion industry, by developing the world’s first AI-driven fashion collection, Huawei is no stranger to how new technology can change the fashion and beauty industry. By 2025, long gone will be the days of ill-fitted clothing. With AR and VR now set to become staples in our wardrobe, we should be able to try on clothes through virtual fittings, helping us to pick the perfect outfit, for every occasion.


Travelling inevitably has some impact on our planet but what if you could reduce your ecological footprint by immersing yourself in a tropical holiday from your own living room? 5G will provide the platform for travel to become a truly multi-sensory immersive experience by 2025, allowing socially conscious consumers to take advantage of the immersive possibilities of AR and VR and opt for multi-sensory travel experiences! Experience the ultra-fast network, with our range of mobile broadband routers.


Innovations should be meaningful which is why last year, Huawei harnessed the power of AI to complete Schubert’s famously unfinished Symphony No 8 but the power of AI, doesn’t stop there. Soon, thanks to 5G, coupled with the ever-increasing power of AI, AR, and VR, missing out will be a thing of the past. Multi-sensory AR, VR and next-generation audio technologies will allow us to sample multiple viewpoints of a performance from different places in one venue, eradicating the fear of missing out on iconic moments.  


At Huawei, we believe that AI has the power to make a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. Last year we taught our AI to drive a car, translate the sounds of humpback whales in to a love song, and positively changed the lives of deaf children through StorySign. The next five years will see AI and enhanced smartphone tech drive dating to a whole new level. Through AI analysing a conversation and spotting thought patterns, devices will learn when to intervene and help settle any arguments. 

Fitness, Wellness & Healthcare

Huawei are shaping the future of wellness through technology. We recently revealed the most exciting wellness trend for the new decade – MICRO. Using technology such as the HUAWEI Health app, you can track your sleep, activity levels, recovery and self-care. Within the next 5 years, the management of our health is one area where we can expect technologies to have a radical impact. With our smartphones now helping us to maintain better overall health, as well as tracking our vitals, the elusive ‘stomach bug’ may become a forgotten illness resulting in fewer sick days!  

The Workplace

Avoid the commute and work from your bed! Thanks to increased connectivity via 5G, the option to work remotely will become more popular and allow people to achieve a healthier work/life balance. Our range of Huawei MateBooks are the perfect accompiant to help you work comfortably from home! 

How we’ll spend our free time

With robots, AI assistants and drones taking on more of the boring day to day tasks at home, people will soon be left with more time to indulge in their passions and learn new skills, all under the careful guidance of an unwaveringly supportive and enthusiastic AI tutor! In 2018, we used the power of AI to create StorySign, a free mobile app that aims to help deaf children read by translating the text from selected books into sign language.

Friends and Family

Technology should be able to enrich people's lives, which is why we created StorySign - the world’s first literacy platform for deaf children using AI. By 2025, we see AI continuing to expand to help people in new ways. Shopping for gifts is no easy task but within the next 5 years, AI will be able to communicate our desires to our loved ones, helping us to find the perfect gift, every time! 

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