At HUAWEI we believe in meaningful innovation and technologies that enriches the lives of our consumers.

Which is why nearly 45% of our employees globally are dedicated towards research & development to serve this mission.

Our smartphones are pretty fancy but we also believe its what’s under the hood that counts.
More importantly, our phones must be reliable and easy to use. [and we make it so]

Quality testing at one of our many R&D labs
Our impressive anechoic chambers to ensure our phones meet test requirements from around the world

The HUAWEI Mate 10 – the culmination of many years of R&D – provides one astonishing user benefit.
A phone that lasts up to two days’ regular usage (and one days' use from around twenty minutes of charging – safely and conveniently).

We recently launched the HUAWEI P20 Pro – the world's first smartphone featuring an AI-powered triple Leica camera.
Why the AI? It’s simple. It also allows you to take brilliantly clear photos in darker situations without needing a tripod!

It is such meaningful innovations and our strive to enrich the lives of our consumers that sets us apart.
We are HUAWEI and we make it possible, for you.