Huawei Travelling Warranty Service
Huawei Travelling Warranty Service
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Good news! Until March 27th 2022, customers travelling to Mainland China can enjoy the warranty service for their eligible HUAWEI device at the specific service centers in Mainland China.
Travelling Warranty Service makes your travel more convenient!
Eligible Device Models
P40 P40pro Mate Xs
Service Center
This Travelling Warranty is made available in all provinces of Mainland China, covering major cities . You can find the participating Service Centers’Addresses at:
Find a service cernter:
Note: In addition to the walk-in service, you can also call our hotline 950800  to register the postal service as well.

Scan the QR code to follow our official service account in WeChat APP. (Chinese)
Conditions for Huawei Travelling Warranty Service
HUAWEI provides a voluntary commercial Warranty for HUAWEI branded products in accordance with the Warranty policy, which can be found under the following address: (the “Warranty”).

In addition to the Warranty, HUAWEI offers this additional Travelling Warranty for HUAWEI’s eligible HUAWEI Devices in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document (“Travelling Warranty”).

Both the Warranty and this Travelling Warranty are provided by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. or the relevant local affiliate listed under the following address: ("HUAWEI" or “we”). The Warranty as well as any statutory rights and remedies shall remain unaffected by the Travelling Warranty. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

1. Applicability of the Travelling Warranty
This Travelling Warranty extends the Territory of the Warranty and is only applicable, if and to the extent that HUAWEI’s independent and voluntary Warranty applies to the purchased HUAWEI Device. You will find out if and which Warranty applies to your device under the aforementioned link.

2. Covered Products
This Travelling Warranty applies only to Huawei‘s HUAWEI Devices. These are the following devices:
- P40
- P40pro
- Mate Xs
(“HUAWEI Devices”)
HUAWEI reserves the right to add, change or rename the HUAWEI Devices at any time with effect for the future.

3. Eligibility
A customer is entitled to claim this Travelling Warranty for HUAWEI Devices purchased in one of the following countries during the Purchase Period:
- EU member states
- Iceland, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Ukraine, Norway, Israel, Northern North Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania

4. Purchase Period
This Travelling Warranty is only applicable to HUAWEI Devices purchased between the 1st of March 2020 and the 27th of March 2022 (“Purchase Period”).

5. Benefits of the Travelling Warranty
If and to the extent that this Travelling Warranty applies to your HUAWEI Device, in addition to the terms and conditions of the Warranty, you may also claim the warranty services in Mainland China in accordance with the Warranty where you purchased the HUAWEI Device. A list of the additional service centers for this Travelling Warranty in Mainland China is available at the following address:
No.ProvinceCityStore Name
1AnhuiHefeiHuawei Customer Service Center, Huizhou Avenue Store
2AnhuiHefeiHuawei Customer Service Center, Hefei Baili Center Store
3BeijingBeijingHuawei Customer Service Center, Beijing Dongzhimen Donghuan Plaza Store
4BeijingBeijingHuawei Customer Service Center, Beijing Wudaokou Store
5BeijingBeijingHuawei Customer Service Center, Beijing Xuanwu Store
6FujianFuzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Fuzhou Guanya Plaza Store
7FujianFuzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Fuzhou Taijiang Baolong Plaza Store
8FujianXiamenHuawei Customer Service Center, Xiamen Intime Department Store International Trade Center Store
9GansuLanzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Lanzhou Fangcaoyuan Store
10GuangdongZhuhai ShiHuawei Customer Service Center, Zhuhai, Gree Plaza Store
11GuangdongGuangzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Winter Plaza Store
12GuangdongDongguanHuawei Customer Service Center, Dongguan Dongcheng Store
13GuangdongGuangzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Guangzhou Haizhu City Store
14GuangdongGuangzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Guangzhou Fengxing Plaza Store
15GuangdongShenzhenHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenzhen Coastal City Store
16GuangdongShenzhenHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenzhen , Huaqiang Bei Hualianfa Store
17GuangdongShenzhenHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenzhen , Tian An Cloud Park Store
18GuangdongShenzhenHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenzhen Vientiane Store
19GuangdongShenzhenHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenzhen,Tian An Cloud Park Beta Store
20GuangxiNanningHuawei Customer Service Center, Nanning,Sanqi Plaza Store
21GuizhouGuiyangHuawei Customer Service Center, Guiyang, Taiwan Tower Store
22HainanHaikouHuawei Customer Service Center, Haikou Jinghuacheng Store
23HebeishijiazhuangHuawei Customer Service Center, Shijiazhuang Lehui City Store
24HebeishijiazhuangHuawei Customer Service Center, Shijia Zhuang Xin Branch International Plaza Store
25HebeiLangfangHuawei Customer Service Center, Langfang Guangyang Zheshang Plaza Store
26HenanZhengzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Zhengzhou Jinshui East Road Store
27HenanZhengzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Zhengzhou People's Park Store
28HeilongjiangHarbinHuawei Customer Service Center, Harbin Garden Street Store
29HeilongjiangHarbinHuawei Customer Service Center, Harbin Customs Street Store
30HubeiWuhanHuawei Customer Service Center, Wuhan Optical Valley Store
31HubeiWuhanHuawei Customer Service Center, Wuhan Jiefang Avenue Store
32HunanChangshaHuawei Customer Service Center, Changsha Furong Zhonglu Store
33HunanChangshaHuawei Customer Service Center, Changsha West Bus Station Store
34JilinChangchunHuawei Customer Service Center, Changchun, People's Street Center Store
35JiangsuSuzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Kunshan World Trade Center Store
36JiangsuNanjingHuawei Customer Service Center, Nanjing Catherine Plaza Center Store
37JiangsuNanjingHuawei Customer Service Center, Nanjing Lianhuaqiao Store
38JiangsuSuzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Shilu Store in Suzhou
39JiangxiNanchangHuawei Customer Service Center, Causeway Bay Plaza, Honggu, Nanchang
40JiangxiNanchangHuawei Customer Service Center, Nanchang Juzi Road Store
41LiaoningShenyangHuawei Customer Service Center, Shenyang, XiaobeiguanStreet Store
42LiaoningShenyangHuawei customer service center, Shenyang, Bailian Shopping Center Store
43LiaoningDalianHuawei Customer Service Center, Dalian Xi'an Road Store
44Inner MongoliaHohhotHuawei Customer Service Center, Hohhot, Wanda Plaza Store
45NingxiayinchuanHuawei Customer Service Center, Yinchuan South Gate Square Store
46QinghaiXiningHuawei Customer Service Center, Xinning Xinhua Shopping Store
47ShandongJinanHuawei Customer Service Center, Jinan, Baotuquan North Road Store
48ShandongQingdaoHuawei Customer Service Center, Li Cang Pedestrian Shopping Street Store
49ShandongYantaiHuawei Customer Service Center, Yantai Nanda Street Store
50ShandongQingdaoHuawei Customer Service Center, Qingdao Central Business area Store
51ShanxiTaiyuanHuawei Customer Service Center, Taiyuan, Pingyang Road Store
52ShanxiTaiyuanHuawei Customer Service Center, Taiyuan, Changzhi Road Store
53ShaanxiXi'anHuawei Customer Service Center, Xi'an Hi-Tech Golden Eagle Store
54ShaanxiXi'anHuawei Customer Service Center, Xi'an East Street Store
55ShanghaiShanghaiHuawei Smart Living Museum, Shanghai Aegean Store
56ShanghaiShanghaiHuawei Customer Service Center, Shanghai Lianhua International Store
57ShanghaiShanghaiHuawei Customer Service Center, Shanghai Caoxi North Road Store
58ShanghaiShanghaiHuawei Customer Service Center, Shanghai Zhongrong Building Store
59SichuanChengduHuawei Customer Service Center, Chengdu, Liangjiaxiang Store
60SichuanChengduHuawei Customer Service Center, Chengdu Branch, Huabei Road Store
61TianjinTianjinHuawei Customer Service Center, Tianjin International Shopping Mall Store
62TibetlhasaHuawei Customer Service Center, Lhasa,Tianhai Road Store
63XinjiangUrumqiHuawei Customer Service Center, Dianlin Road, Urumqi Store
64YunnanKunmingHuawei Customer Service Center, Kunming Tangzixiang Store
65YunnanKunmingHuawei Customer Service Center, Kunming Nanya Store
66zhejiangNingboHuawei Customer Service Center, Ningbo Tianyi Store
67zhejiangHangzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Hangzhou Fengqi East Road Store
68zhejiangHangzhouHuawei Customer Service Center, Hangzhou Jiefang Road Store
69ChongqingChongqingHuawei Customer Service Center, Chongqing Guanyinqiao Store
70ChongqingChongqingHuawei CustomerService Center, Chongqing Daping Store
71ChongqingChongqingHuawei Customer Service Center, Jiefangbei Store in Chongqing Store

6. Coverage of the Travelling Warranty
The Travelling Warranty provides the same coverage and warranty services as the Warranty that applies to the purchased device, with the following special conditions:
6.1 In deviation from the Warranty, the customer cannot return the HUAWEI Device in Mainland China.
6.2 For warranty services not covered by the Warranty (out-of-warranty), the service centers may offer services based on the regulations and offers for Mainland China. The service conditions of the country where the customer purchased the HUAWEI Devices do not apply.
6.3 Software updates concerned with warranty service will be in line with the country where the customer purchased the HUAWEI Device.

7. Applicability of the Warranty
The terms and conditions of the Warranty apply accordingly unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions of this Travelling Warranty. This includes in particular the coverage of the Warranty as well as exclusions, procedure of the Warranty, your responsibility and the limitation of HUAWEI’s liability.

8. Applicable Law
This Travelling Warranty shall be subject to the same law as the Warranty.