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HUAWEI Care-Extended Warranty

HUAWEI Care-Extended Warranty, extends the warranty for your device. There are two types of services:
Extended Warranty and Extended Warranty (Multi-Country Support).

HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty is a prolonged one-year warranty in addition to the standard device warranty. During the valid period of the warranty, device defects caused by non-human factors can be fixed by HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers without any fees related to diagnosis, spare parts or labor.

HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty (Multi-Country Support) includes basic service of warranty extension, and supports Multi-Country Support among GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and India.During the valid period of the extended warranty, device malfunction caused by non-human factors can be fixed by HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers among *Multi-Country without extra charges.

* Multi-Country : GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar) plus India.

Extended Warranty Extended Warranty
(Multi-Country Support)
Extended One-Year Warranty
Multi-Country Support
  • Genuine Spare Parts

    100% original spare parts,safe and reliable,manufacturer warranty.

  • Official Service

    HUAWEI official service & certified repair engineer; strictly follow the official HUAWEI repair procedures.

  • Cost Saving

    No longer worry about paying highout-of-warranty repair fees.

  • Multi-Country Support(for specific models)

    Multi-Country Support, move convenience in service.

Model and Price

  • For Phone

  • For PC

  • For Tablet

How to Purchase

  • Purchase with new Device
  • Purchase in Service Center

Purchase with new device at
ALLHUAWEI Experience Store

Bring your device with proof of purchase to the selected HUAWEI Customer Service Center for verification and purchase of the warranty of the service product.

Service Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Q: Can I purchase HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty after that my product is repaired at HUAWEI Customer Service Center?
    A: Yes,you can. If you didn't purchase HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty for your product before, and is still in-warranty after being repaired at a HUAWEI Customer Service Center, meanwhile the product is still within 10 months after being purchased, so you can purchase a new HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty.
  • 2. Q: How can I check the repair status of my Smartphone & Tablet device?
    A: You can query whether you have extended warranty rights on the HUAWEI Device official website or support app the next day after purchasing a product in a store.
  • 3. Q: Can I have a warranty if my device's screen cracks or liquid has penetrated into my device after purchasing HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty?
    A: No,you can’t. HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty is applicable only to non-man-made damages that occur during the normal use of the product. Therefore, broken and water penetrated device production during the warranty period of HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty can’t be repaired free of charge.
  • 4. Q: How about the warranty period after using HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty?
    A:HUAWEI will guarantee 90 days warranty of the product after using HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty at least. If the warranty period of the entire device is longer than 90 days after that you used HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty to get the device repaired, the warranty period of the replaced spare parts is the same as that of the device. If the warranty period of the entire device is shorter than 90 days, the replaced spare parts are guaranteed for 90 days.
  • 5. Q: How does HUAWEI guarantee maintenance quality?
    A: Our engineers will use the original spare parts to repair your device, we can guarantee the quality of repair, if there's still anything wrong with your device, you can contact us again.
  • 6.Q: What is HUAWEI Care - Extended Warranty (Multi-Country Support)?
    A: HUAWEI Care are a range of protection plans for mobile handsets purchased from HUAWEI selected outlets.HUAWEI Care Extended Warranty Multi- country repair it means that You can make your repair even if you are in one of these countries GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar) plus India, this service is Exclusive for Huawei P50 Pro.
  • 7.Q: Where can I purchase a HUAWEI Care Screen Protection or Extended Warranty (Multi-Country Support) for HUAWEI P50 Pro?
    A: You purchase with new device at HUAWEI Experience Store.

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