Huawei Releases HMS Core 4.0 Worldwide

New Capabilities and Features

Shenzhen, China - January 15, 2020 - Huawei is releasing HMS Core 4.0 worldwide today, allowing developers around the world to further achieve efficient development, rapid growth, and business success for their applications.

Huawei Releases HMS Core 4.0 Worldwide

By integrating open capabilities into its ecosystem, HMS Core serves as a platform for basic services and brings an even larger application base, higher flexibility, and streamlined business success. The global intelligent distribution for every scenario and every smart device by single-point access focuses developers on innovation, bringing Huawei device users a better smart life experience for all scenarios.

The new HMS Core 4.0 is the biggest milestone for Huawei in building its global HMS ecosystem. The Account Kit, Push Kit, Wallet Kit, Analytics Kit, Drive Kit, and Game Service have proven stability. The Ads Kit and Location Kit went live four months ago. To complement these existing services, HMS Core 4.0 has responded to developer demands with new capabilities. The ML (Machine Learning) Kit, Awareness Kit, Scan Kit, Nearby Service, Panorama Kit, Safety Detect, Dynamic Tag Manager, Fast Identity Online, Site Kit, Quick App, WisePlay, Health Kit, and Identity Kit are the latest features with Chipset-Device-Cloud capabilities from Huawei and complete the multifunctional developer toolkit.

The capabilities of HMS Core 4.0 provide extensive services for mobile application developers at every level. This safe, trustworthy, and user-friendly platform is the choice of developers worldwide. Thanks to its one-stop operations support, HMS Core accelerates development of high-quality applications with a wide variety of basic services. It lowers barriers to development so that developers save on costs and focus on innovation.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) creates a unique synergy between Chipset-Device-Cloud capabilities, which boosts the device performance to unprecedented levels, optimizing battery consumption and enabling a whole new generation of capabilities for App developers. This is achieved thanks to a complete set of open HMS Core APIs, IDE tools, and the fully operative platform for App development and testing.

HMS Core provides all critical service capabilities for the complete development of any Mobile “App-as-a-Service”, such as Account Kit, IAP, Push Kit, etc., following the requirements dictated by the Developer Community.

1) The HMS Capabilities has been designed following Huawei's 1 + 8 + N vision, including all hardware and software capabilities, such as HiAI, AR engine and Camera, etc.

2) HMS Connect is a set of services for developers, content providers, and technological partners, which includes developing, testing, publishing and operating tools.

3) The HMS Apps include core applications such as HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Browser, and HUAWEI Video.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem features an all-scenario capability openness, global smart distribution, full-lifecycle operations management and comprehensive incentive as well as support mechanisms, for a Contextual and Pertinent bridge between the greatest content with the right user audience, which form an important part of HUAWEI Seamless AI Life Strategy.

More than 1.3 million developers worldwide are currently registered with Huawei, with over 55000 applications connected to HMS Core. The accelerated openness and enhanced innovation of HMS core will continue to increase these numbers and exponentially improve service capabilities and experience. Together, HMS and developers can build an HMS ecosystem for every intelligent scenario and for a smarter living experience for users.

The HMS provides open capabilities for every scenario, global smart distribution, full-lifecycle operation management, and comprehensive incentive support for HUAWEI Consumer Cloud Service ecosystem. It is an essential part of the Huawei focus on 1 + 8 + N for the HUAWEI Seamless AI Life Strategy. Huawei has remained committed to TECH4ALL. The continuous openness of the HMS ecosystem has let Huawei extensively cooperate with governments, industries, and communities, developed local industry, and promoted innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Huawei continuously brings innovative digital services to consumers for the benefit of global society.

For more information, please visit: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/hms

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