General requirement

1.  In order to participate in the Campaign,

a)   you must complete the form, confirm and accept these terms and conditions and be able to show that you have purchased a HUAWEI P40 Pro from Bell, Virgin Mobile,  SaskTel or their retailers during the period from  July 10, 2020 – August 6, 2020. (While supplies last at the participating carrier / retailer.) 

b)   OR you must complete the form, confirm and accept these terms and conditions and be able to show that you have purchased a HUAWEI P40 Pro from TELUS, Koodo or their retailers during the period from July 17, 2020 – August 13, 2020. (While supplies last at the participating carrier / retailer.)

c)   OR you must complete the form, confirm and accept these terms and conditions and be able to show that you have purchased a HUAWEI P40 Pro from Videotron or their retailers during the period from July 22, 2020 – August 18, 2020. (While supplies last at the participating carrier / retailer.)

d)   OR you must complete the form, confirm and accept these terms and conditions and be able to show that you have purchased a HUAWEI P40 from TELUS, Koodo, Videotron or their retailers during the period from Aug 7, 2020 – September 8, 2020. (While supplies last at the participating carrier / retailer.)    

2. The company responsible for the Campaign is Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in Canada and with a registered office located at: 19 Allstate Pkwy, Markham, ON L3R 5A4, Canada (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Huawei").

3.  You must provide a receipt of a valid purchase according to item 1 and state the phone’s IMEI number. A valid proof of purchase is a prerequisite for participating in this Campaign.

4.  Regardless the manner of eligibility, there is a limit of one HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 per eligible purchase.


5.  This Campaign is subject to the Campaign Privacy Statement, the details of which can be viewed on the registration page. 

6.  It should be noted that the network link and data transmitted between yourself and this website are neither completely secure nor confidential and it is possible that information and data you send to this website could be intercepted by others from untrusted connections. Huawei is unable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the network link and data transmitted between yourself and this website.

Campaign structure

7.  Registrations can be made via only from July 10, 2020 – September 30, 2020.

8.  After verification, we or one of our business partners will send you a confirming email.

9.  After registration and verification, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 will be sent to your registered address. If you have questions regarding lost parcels or logistics, please email or call 1-888-5HUAWEI (1-888-548-2934) (Monday-Sunday 8: 00-22: 00 ET).


Disputes and disqualification etc.

10.  Huawei reserves the right to disqualify entries from the campaign without prior notice to the submitter. Such a measure may result from an entry being deemed illegal or in the event of suspected cheating.

11.  In the event of a dispute regarding the contents of the terms and conditions, the result, and / or other matters relating to the Campaign, Huawei will consider the matter and then make a decision.

Contact us

12.  Questions regarding the campaign may be sent to Or you can contact us to submit any questions.




1.  Terms and Conditions Binding

By entering the Campaign, you agree to accept and to be legally bound by all of these Terms and Conditions.

2.  Campaign Organiser

This Campaign is organised by Aspiegel Limited (“Aspiegel”), a company incorporated in Ireland with its registered address at: First Floor, Simmonscourt House, Simmonscourt Road, Dublin 4, D04 W9H6, Ireland. Aspiegel is part of the Huawei group of companies.

3.  Territory for Campaign


4.  Duration of Campaign

The Campaign will start on 0:00 July 10 2020 and will finish at 23:59 on 31 December 2020.

5.  How to Enter

5.1  Entry to the campaign is free of charge.

5.2  To participate you must have a new smartphone HUAWEI P40, HUAWEI P40 Pro..

5.3  To participate you also need to have a HUAWEI ID with available bank card.

a)   Open phone setting

b)   Register or login in with HUAWEI ID

c)   Enter HUAWEI ID, Click “Cloud”

d)   Click on “UPGRADE CLOUD STORAGE SPACE” to redeem 50 GB Free Cloud Storage.

e)   The 50GB Cloud storage will be automatically added to Participant’s account

f)   Participant can views their updated Cloud storage in Setting > HUAWEI ID > Cloud

g)   Participant can use upgraded Cloud storage to backup personal data under HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup

h)   Participant can open the Cloud backup which can automatically backup their Gallery, Contact, SMS and Call Records when the device is charged and the screen is locked, and the WIFI is connected well. Cloud storage is backed up every seven days.

i)   Participant can also choose to backup manually, when connected to WIFI, then can click “Back Up Now” to start backing up the content to the Cloud.


6.   Gift with Purchase Conditions

a)   Each Huawei ID / Device can only claim one time;

b)   Users must redeem it during the Campaign period from July 10 2020 to December 31, 2020. Not available after this period.

c)   By entering the Campaign, you will have as 50 GB Cloud storage free trial for 1 year use from Cloud base on HUAWEI ID.

d)   The 50GB Cloud storage is valid for one year after being redeemed within the duration of the campaign.

e)   After the validity period of 50 GB free cloud storage, the 50 GB yearly plan will be automatically renewed and automatically charged, the price is 15.48CAD /year, user can cancel at any time within the validity period of one year.

f)    After successful claim, the offer will not be visible.

g)    The user who have purchased storage cannot see the promotion interface of the 50 GB Campaign. However, users can contact customer service to convert and stack cloud storage packages of the same capacity, such as the following:

1) 12 months 50 GB = 3 months 200 GB;;

2) 12 months 50 GB = 0.29 month 2048 GB;

For example, if the user has purchased a 200 GB package for 12 months, after redeem the 50 GB free campaign(50 GB x 12 months = 600 GB), this 600 GB can be convert to 3 months(600 GB = 200 GB x 3 months), in general, the user can get 200 GB Cloud Storage for 15 months.

h)   Users are free to cancel subscription.

i)   After subscription cancelled, the free storage is still available until expired.

j)    Before storage expired, there will be two times notification, reminder 30 days and 1 day before real deduction.

k)   When the free period is over, after deduction successful, you can continue to enjoy 50 GB storage

l)   Participants can see their cloud storage in HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Storage management.

m)   After you claim the storage, it can be used in all the Huawei device with Cloud application using same Huawei ID to login.

n)   The free cloud storage cannot be share by multiple people.

7.    Additional conditions

a)   You must be 18 years or over. If you are under 18 years, you must obtain the permission of your parent or guardian.

b)   You may not take part in the Campaign if you are an employee of Aspiegel or any of its related Huawei company affiliates, or if you are connected in any way to such an employee, whether by familial relationship or friendship or otherwise.

c)  To the fullest extent permitted by law, Aspiegel (including its affiliate Huawei companies) and its agents or distributors, will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable (a) to compensate a prize winner or accept any liability for any loss or damage, personal injury or death, as a result of entering the Campaign or accepting a prize; and / or (b) for any matters connected with or arising from your or a third party’s use of a prize, should you win one. Your statutory rights are not affected.

d)   By participating in the Campaign, you hereby indemnify and hold harmless your social media account provider(s) from any and all liability associated with the Campaign. The Campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with your social media account provider(s).

e)   Aspiegel processes and uses any personal data provided by entrants for the purposes of this Campaign in accordance with the local applicable laws and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To the extent that you provide any personal data, it shall only be processed for lawful purposes directly related to this Campaign, including but not limited to any administrative matters to facilitate the management and organising of this Campaign, as well as delivering the prize to the winner. Such prize delivery requires us to process HUAWEI ID information. Any personal data provided by entrants in connection with the Campaign is retained for no longer than 12 months after the Campaign. In general, when you use Aspiegel services, such as HUAWEI Cloud, your personal data shall be processed in accordance with the respective Privacy Statement.

f)   Aspiegel reserves the right to draw an alternative winner if it believes that any winner has contravened any of these Terms and Conditions.

g)   This Campaign and the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland.


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