Huawei Nexus 6P wins five media awards in Sweden


From: Ljud och Bild, IDG, PriceRunne

Nexus 6P has won widespread recognition among many technology media and consumers. According to Prisjakt, the biggest searching engine in Sweden, Nexus 6P has been listed as No.1 in the Top Heat Mobile Board for ten consecutive days. Thanks to its excellence in both hardware and software, Nexus 6P was given five media awards in Sweden.

Ljud och Bild, the biggest testing archive of consumer electronic product in North Europe, awarded Nexus 6P “Special Recommend Award”, speaking highly of the pure Android system experience with newest technology and the amazing lens.

IDG, the mainstream IT website in Sweden, awarded Nexus “Best Smartphone Award”, saying it has high-quality exterior design and friendly user interface.

After in depth test, PriceRunner Digital Life, whose website and magazine covers all digital life in Sweden, prasied Nexus 6P is the biggest and best Google phone ever and given it “Best Smartphone Award” also.

Swedriod, the biggest Android forum in Sweden, awarded Nexus “Best Recommend Award”, saying that Nexus 6Pis not only a super phone for Nexus fans but also suitable for all phone users. It is a perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas.

Mobil, one of the biggest magazine in Sweden communication field, gave Nexus “Top Testing Score”, saying consumers now have more solid reasons to buy Nexus 6P other than enjoying the software update in the first time.

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