HUAWEI Classic Backpack

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huawei classic backpack

Stylish Design | Comfort Carry | Multi-Compartment

huawei classic backpack

Stylish Design

Inspired by the architectural elegance of Paris, HUAWEI Classic Backpack brings effortless style to your commuting, shopping, or travel. Choose from two classic colours, Midnight Black or Olive Green, and add some chic to your everyday.

huawei classic backpack design

Durable Fabric

The ingenious combination of high-density nylon and microfiber leather ensures strength and durability for long-term use, as well as maintaining the shape at all times.

huawei classic backpack fabric

huawei classic backpack fabric

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

With the combination of fine microfiber leather and nylon fabric, the wide padded shoulder straps provide a more comfortable carry, while alleviating pressure on your shoulders.

huawei classic backpack shoulder straps

Multiple Compartments

The independent, padded compartment can safely store up to 15.6-inch laptops, with easy access via the handy side zipper. Find plenty of room for all your other stuff too, and let your tablet, headphones, and charger each have their own space.

huawei classic backpack storage

Secure Double Closure

Featuring a strong, magnetic flap plus drawstring closure, your valuable items will always stay well-protected. Go anywhere, without worrying about prying hands getting inside.

huawei classic backpack security

Looking after your backpack
  1. Do not overexpose your backpack (including the microfiber leather, nylon, and metal accessories) to moisture, water, sunlight, or fire, as this may cause permanent damage.
  2. If there is any dust or dirt on the backpack, gently wipe it off using a cloth dipped in clean water. Then, use a dry towel to wipe off excess moisture.
  3. Do not use a washing machine or apply corrosive liquids (such as alcohol or makeup remover) to the microfiber leather, as this may cause the material to corrode.
  4. If you do not plan to use the backpack for a long period of time, store it separately from heavy objects, to prevent it from becoming misshapen.
  5. Do not place sharp objects in the bag, such as scissors or knives, as this can cause irreversible damage.