Professional Phonetography at Anytime: A Look into HUAWEI P20's Master AI

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Professional Phonetography at Anytime: A Look into HUAWEI P20's Master AI

JUNE 8, 2018

As many of you may already know, the HUAWEI P20 Pro and HUAWEI P20 have been ranked first and second respectively for image quality by DxOMark Mobile. One important reason for this achievement is the HUAWEI P20's Master AI feature. But what exactly is Master AI, and how does it help the HUAWEI P20 to take better pictures?
Well let me help you understand more about how Master AI works.

Why was Master AI developed?

Many users lack in-depth knowledge about the different shooting modes on their phones and which ones to use under which conditions. Therefore, in order to improve user experience, help users take better photos, and allow users to better understand the shooting modes available to them, Huawei created Master AI for the HUAWEI P20.

Smart Recognition

Master AI is an AI-powered recognition engine that obtains and analyses visual information from the viewfinder in real time. The "Suggest Engine" features scene and facial recognition in order to automatically set the most optimum camera mode for the user. The engine is also capable of learning and adapting to user behavior in order to provide the user with a tailor-made camera experience.

Master AI is able to recognise more than 500 scenarios under 19 categories

Supported by image analysis and understanding, as well as semantic segmentation technologies, Master AI is able to recognise more than 500 scenarios under 19 categories.

Customised Camera Settings for More Professional Photos

Master AI will adjust a number of camera settings according to the shooting scene that it detects in order to allow you to take professional-looking photos at any time.
Below, we'll take a look at some examples of Master AI in action.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky: In Blue Sky mode, the camera's contrast and colour settings will be automatically adjusted to capture and highlight the pleasing blue hues of a clear sky.


Sunset: Sunset mode adjusts the camera's colour saturation and contrast in order to prevent overexposure. It also brings out the golden hues of sunlit clouds to further help create breathtaking dawn and dusk shots.


Stage: A special camera setting for live performances that increases colour contrast and optimises colour saturation in order to capture the splendor of a live stage.


Portrait: When Master AI uses the camera's facial recognition to detect that you are trying to take a portrait photo, the camera will optimise colour correction and subtly blur the background in order to provide you with the best portrait effect. Portrait mode works best for capturing one or two non-moving subjects.


Group: When Master AI detects that you are trying to take a group photo with several subjects, it will provide you with suggestions to help you compose the best shot. For example, you may have noticed that things get stretched out on the sides of a photo, and so a distortion frame would be displayed on the viewfinder to help you get everyone in the picture looking good and beautiful.

Smart Composition Lines

When Master AI detects that you are not holding your phone level when taking a picture, it will display on-screen prompts to help you straighten up your camera. On top of that, when the HUAWEI P20 detects that there are multiple human subjects within a shot, Master AI will even give you advice on how to compose your shot for the best picture.

All in all, the HUAWEI P20's Master AI feature will quickly become your best friend. As soon as you open the camera preview screen, Master AI will quickly analyse and detect what you are pointing your camera at, and recommend the best camera mode for you to use.
Master AI allows every user to take professional-looking photos whenever and wherever. Master AI — Making Every Moment More Memorable

Now that you know more about the HUAWEI P20's amazing Master AI camera feature, would you like to experience it for yourself?