Transfer Media with a Tap
Transfer Media with a Tap

Use Huawei Share OneHop to send photos and videos between your phone and Huawei/Honor notebook wirelessly.

Turning it on

Swipe down the status bar and turn on NFC.

OneHop Media Sharing

Select up to 500 photos or videos in your phone's Gallery, then hold the NFC zone at the back of your phone against the area marked with or on your notebook until your phone vibrates or beeps. Files will then instantly transfer to your notebook.

To transfer media the other way around, make sure Gallery isn't open on your phone or return to your home screen. Touch your phone to your notebook (same as above). If a photo is open in the photo viewer of Windows, it will be transferred to your phone. If no photo is open, a screenshot of your current notebook screen will transfer over.

OneHop Text Extracting

On your notebook, click at the top of the photo viewer to extract text from a photo received from your phone.


Compatible Huawei or Honor notebooks must be:

1. Running PC Manager version 9.0 or later.

2. Marked with or .