Personal Trainer Just a Tap Away
Personal Trainer Just a Tap Away

Transform your phone into a personal trainer by connecting it to a treadmill with a single tap. If you are wearing an applicable Huawei/Honor watch or band, Health will also provide high-level data on your heart rate and running posture.


1. Open Settings and go to Device connectivity to enable Bluetooth and NFC.

2. Unlock your phone and turn on the screen. Then hold the NFC zone on the back of your phone against the HUAWEI Health logo on the treadmill.

Easy to use

Place your phone on the treadmill shelf and begin your workout.

When you are done, the Health app will automatically open to reveal sharable exercise data.


Make sure you are using the latest version of the Health app.

This feature is only available on treadmills with the HUAWEI Health logo.