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AppGallery and HMS achieve new dimensions of success for 3D Live Scanner

The 3D scanning app enhances smartphone capabilities for users from all walks of life with the HMS Core 6.0 3D Modeling Kit

3D scanning is a highly versatile technique with applications across multiple industries, now widely accessible thanks to the rapid advancement of smartphone image sensors and developments in supporting software for precision rendering.

With apps supporting 3D scanning now available on various platforms, the standout app needs to offer high-quality, clean and accurate scans with low artefact counts.

The developer behind both 3D Live Scanner and 3D Live Scanner Pro apps, which function as mobile universal 3D scanners for interiors, exteriors, objects and faces, is committed to elevating his app experience to meet users’ expectations while making the technology accessible without compromising on quality.

Elevating 3D scanning capabilities to delight users

Huawei has been the ideal partner for 3D Live Scanner - helping the developer achieve improved services while boosting downloads. While both apps have been available on AppGallery since 2019, the developer saw an opportunity to exceed users' expectations by further enhancing their object scanning capabilities with the availability of HMS Core 6.0's 3D Modeling Kit.

Launched in July this year, Huawei's new HMS Core 6.0's 3D Modeling Kit uses AI rendering capabilities to help apps automatically generate 3D models and physically based rendering (PBR) texture maps. This enables apps to output efficient 3D models for animation creation. Not only that, but the process does not require specialised sensors such as depth sensors or Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors, enabling expansive support to a wide range of smartphones. Now, devices only need access to a standard RGB camera to produce highly detailed digital models.

This collaboration soon yielded great success. Prior to its integration with the 3D Modeling Kit, the developer behind 3D Live Scanner and 3D Live Scanner Pro found that the digital scans were limited to selected environments and bigger objects. Smaller objects often lacked high-resolution details and required additional model clean-up on 3D modelling software.

With the integration of the new 3D Modeling Kit alongside the existing AR Engine, the apps are now equipped with advanced scanning capabilities beyond its existing regular interior and exterior scanning functionalities, offering very high geometrical and visual quality to each scan.

New dimensions of 3D scanning encourage diversified use

The HMS Core 6.0 3D Modeling Kit has redefined the way that the 3D Live Scanner and 3D Live Scanner Pro apps can be used. Thanks to the integration of the kits, AppGallery users can leverage on the apps' improved scanning capabilities to utilise them for a myriad of purposes.

Testimonials from individuals, ranging from the everyday user to creative professionals, showed the apps being used in a variety of settings, from 3D content creation, 3D printing, interior space planning, work showcases, and even to store precious memories.

Harnessing the functionalities of Huawei's 3D Modeling Kit, users can now simply scan items and export them to 3D printers from their smartphones, preserving impermanent objects such as sandcastles with them forever.

The kit also enables the apps to create innovative music video content with visually striking 3D models for creative showcases. Additionally, Huawei’s AR Engine facilitates interior space planning, requiring individuals to merely scan their interior space and export them to a 3D modelling software on a personal computer to map out furniture placement with ease.

AppGallery offers immense growth opportunities and support for all developers

AppGallery further supported the developer by increasing the visibility of the app post-integration. During the week of the apps' new features launch, AppGallery promoted both apps on the platform's homepage under "New Apps We Love."

The HMS Core integration was a huge win for the developer of the 3D Live Scanner suite of apps. Since the rollout, app downloads have seen a stellar increase of over 50% on AppGallery itself. Huawei’s developer support team provided "fast" and "detailed" responses throughout the onboarding process.

The entire collaboration serves as a testament to Huawei’s technological capabilities as well as commitment to its partners. The team not only enhanced app capabilities and elevated the overall experience, but also achieved growth and positive feedback amongst users.

"The integration has been nothing short of amazing. The HMS Core team was ready to listen to my feedback and catered to our every need," said Luboš Vonásek, the app developer. "An example would be that my request to bring the 3D model orientation feature onboard was met with a breathtakingly fast response. The level of responsiveness felt like we’re working with someone within a team instead of an external partner."


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