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Likes, Camera, Audience! AppGallery and HMS Brings out the Crowd for Likee

Likee leverages HMS to boost business development and reach 115 million monthly active users


Social media has long been a ubiquitous presence in most mobile users’ digital lifestyle. There are more than 4.33 billion social media users in the world with 99% of them accessing the platforms via mobile. Needless to say, competition is at an all-time high especially for incumbents who have the technology to compete but are overshadowed by its older competitors.

Among these aspirational challengers is Likee, the short video creation platform that is making waves among mobile users globally and boasts cutting-edge video shooting and editing tools. Being a young company, they wanted a platform partner who could not only help them grow their userbase, but also offer the support they needed to enhance the overall user experience of the app.

Huawei was the ideal partner for Likee – the developer could not only onboard AppGallery, the top three app marketplaces globally, but also leverage the powerful HMS Core to improve on the app experience. As a result, the collaboration turned out to be overwhelmingly positive – the app was able to resolve its technical issues as well as grow the platform’s userbase to more than 115 million monthly active users.

“We are excited to work with Huawei and bring Likee to millions of AppGallery users,” Likee expressed. “The Huawei team not only demonstrated keen insights to our app, but also actively worked with our developers to further optimise the experience on Huawei devices. We are touched by this dedication, and we look forward to more opportunities down the road to work with Huawei again.”

Facilitating engagement with enhanced sign-up process

Prior to the partnership, both visitors and existing users had to go through a multi-step log in process before they could engage with the content on Likee. This wasn’t ideal especially for simple engagements such as editing a quick clip or even liking and commenting on a video, as the friction point risks user abandonment.

As such, the Likee team integrated the HUAWEI Account Kit which facilitates simple, secure, and quick sign-in. The Account Kit enables users to easily sign up or log in using their HUAWEI IDs, making the entire process effortless and seamless. It also offers multi-device support so that users can enjoy access across different active devices, providing outstanding convenience.

In addition, both Account Kit and HUAWEI ID are designed with users’ privacy in mind. The HMS Core capability supports two-factor authentication (2FA), and complies with GDPR as well as industry-standard protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Similarly, HUAWEI ID, a service provided by Aspiegel across Europe, is awarded with the European Privacy Seal certification. With these security measures, Likee provides its users with a peace of mind which encourages adoption among them.

Delivering content to users efficiently and competently

Likee also integrated the HUAWEI Push Kit which provides Likee with a powerful push service that promises a message delivery rate of 99% within 10 minutes.

The Push Kit boasts a global coverage of more than 230 countries and regions, and a highly capable distribution channel that can handle upwards of tens of billions of messages. By leveraging its capabilities, Likee is empowered to notify users about the latest viral content on the platform in a timely and accurate fashion, incentivising users to revisit the app and facilitating greater user engagement.

Monetise traffic with quality and privacy in mind

Likee also adopted two additional HMS Core – the HUAWEI In-App Purchase (IAP) Kit and HUAWEI Ads Kit – to monetise its highly impressive app traffic.

The team at Likee was able to introduce a convenient and secure in-app payment method with the IAP Kit. With the HMS Core’s support for multiple mainstream payment methods, it creates convenience and facilitated greater volume of in-app transactions. In addition, all data involved are encrypted and anonymized, empowering Likee to provide users a safer payment environment which encourages users to make more in-app purchases.

Along the same vein, the Ads Kit offers Likee access to the HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service that enables it to display high-quality multimedia content across six distinct formats – such as Banner, Native Rewarded, Interstitial, Splash and Roll. The variety helps the developer to promote ads in novel ways, appealing to user and encouraging click-throughs

In addition, the Ads Kit uses the open advertising identifier (OAID) – a non-permanent device identifier – to help developers personalise the ads while protecting users’ privacy. The OAIDs can then be used by third-party tracking platforms to provide conversion attributions and improve the monetisation of the app. This results in a win-win situation where Likee users gain exposure to products and services that they are interested in, while the developer generates revenue to drive further app innovation.

AppGallery provides strong growth opportunities for all developers

The HMS Core integration, on all accounts, was a huge win for Likee. The team not only enhanced app features and added Quality-of-Life improvements, but they also achieved remarkable growth – the global userbase bloom to more than 115 million active users with a 30% jump in revenue. In addition, more than 80% of all Huawei users are using their HUAWEI IDs to access Likee, signalling the strong popularity of the Kit among the community.

The entire collaboration serves as a testament to Huawei’s technological capabilities as well as commitment to its partners. Throughout the partnership, Likee had access to a dedicated technical support team from Huawei that actively assisted with the technical process which allows the developer to finish the integration in just four weeks.


About AppGallery – Top 3 Global App Marketplace

AppGallery is a smart and innovative ecosystem that allows developers to create unique experiences for consumers. Our unique HMS Core allows Apps to be integrated across different devices, delivering more convenience and a smoother experience – and this is part of our wider “1+8+N ”strategy at Huawei.

With the AppGallery, our vision is to make it an open, innovative app distribution platform that is accessible to consumers, and at the same time, strictly protect users’ privacy and security while providing them with a unique and smart experience. Being one of the top three app marketplaces globally, AppGallery offers a wide variety of global and local Apps across 18 categories including navigation & transport, news, social media, and more. AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions with over 540 million monthly active users globally. Huawei partnered with 2.7 million developers across the globe, and in 2020 the total downloads from AppGallery have reached 384.4 billion times.

About HMS Core – Comprehensive Ecosystem Building Blocks Empowering App Development

HMS Core, a collection of open capabilities of Huawei Mobile Services, helps developers build high-quality apps efficiently.

HMS Core provides global developers with chip-device-cloud software and hardware capabilities across seven key fields, including app services, graphics, and media. These capabilities contribute to the building of a technically competitive HMS ecosystem, enable app innovations, boost development efficiency, and provide smart services that meet all conceivable user needs.

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