Sep 20. 2018

HUAWEI P20: Five camera modes let you take professional photos

Whether you're trying to snap an Instagram-worthy picture of your lunch or taking photos of all of the iconic sights during your trip abroad, the HUAWEI P20 is the perfect companion. The Leica Dual Camera on the HUAWEI P20 combines the image data from the f/1.8, 12-megapixel RGB camera and the f/1.6, 20-megapixel monochrome camera to produce its frame-worthy photos. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite shooting modes on the HUAWEI P20 and tips on how to use them.

When you open the Camera app it automatically puts you on the standard "Photo" setting, which is great for taking quick shots thanks to Huawei's AI camera technology that automatically detects what you're looking at and adjusts the camera settings to capture the best shot possible. To get to "Pro" mode, swipe the modes list twice to the left. Swipe to the left one more time and select "More" to access other modes, including "HDR," "Night shot," "Light painting," and the "Panorama" mode covered below.

1. Pro Mode

The HUAWEI P20's Pro mode is an advanced mode that gives users freedom to adjust and control the individual parameters of the camera. This includes altering the aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure and more to create a customized image. Photographers using the HUAWEI P20 have the freedom to let the camera focus for them or adjust the various setting to get their desired effect.

Pro Mode on huawei p20

2. HDR Mode

The HDR mode on the HUAWEI P20 works to reduce highlights or the bright spots in an image and increases the shadows or dark areas in the shot to create a photo with an even exposure. This helps the final image have a more dynamic range of color and bring out more detail.

HDR Mode on huawei p20

3. Night Mode

In Night mode, the HUAWEI P20 takes several rapid photos and combines the image data to get the maximum light and color information. Utilizing HUAWEI AIS (AI Image Stabilization), the resulting photos look crisp even when the phone is held by hand. This eliminates the need to use a tripod or turn on the flash to snap a great shot.

night Mode on huawei p20

4. Light Painting Mode

Light painting mode on the HUAWEI P20 has four different settings; traffic lights, light graffiti, star trails or silky water options. The camera captures the lights in the different scenarios and makes adjustments to the aperture size, shutter speed and exposure. The exposure can be customized by holding down the camera button until the desired effect is achieved. The longer the exposure of the shot, the greater the number of light trails will appear in the final image. If someone moves around with an illuminated object, the light trail will be captured but the individual will not appear in the final shot.

5. Panorama

Panorama on the HUAWEI P20 stitches together a number of photos to achieve a natural looking wide-angle image. This effect is performed by holding down the camera button and moving the phone to the right along the area you'd like to include; the phone provides a designated line and arrow for the photographer to follow. Even when performing this method by hand, the HUAWEI P20 does a great job of compiling the photos so that objects don't look choppy and uneven in the final photo.

panorama Mode on huawei p20

While the HUAWEI P20's camera delivers stunning photos with its automatic settings, we recommend giving these different modes a try to get the most out the camera. You'll find that night mode offers an impressive amount of detail in low light and that the light painting mode allows you to take long exposure images, eliminating the need to lug around a hefty digital camera while you're on the go.