Sep 28. 2018

Sport photography: Perfect camera for shooting action packed sports events

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Ready, set, go. The high-pitched screech of the glistening whistle reverberates throughout the overcrowded stadium. Woosh, the iconic black and white checkered ball flies into the air. As sweat drizzles from players' necks, loud chants and claps fill the stadium. The scene described is the football event that is taking place this year. This event is the most watched tournament in all of sports, and its title remains the most coveted prize in all of football.

sport photography by p20 pro

Like any other star-studded gathering or athletic competition, people reach for their pockets – to capture the next great moment for eternity. They are reaching, of course, for their smartphone. Equipped on these devices are rich arrays of cameras that give professional cameras a run for their money. With the HUAWEI P20, the electronics giant continued its fruitful partnership with Leica, a German centuries-old powerhouse for the manufacture of cameras, lenses and binoculars.

As Huawei puts it, the company's "partnership with Leica made die-hard camera fans fall in love with smartphone photography," alluding to the rich options now associated with the HUAWEI P20. The Huawei flagship's new generation Leica dual-camera is crafted to deliver strikingly clear and expert quality photographs that will have you wondering which device you used to take these images. The rear cameras include a 12MP RGB sensor with a 20MP monochrome sensor. The pixel size on the sensor is at a massive 1.55μm, larger than that of most current smartphones.

Smartphone photography is not a walk in the park. While it seems anyone can quickly snap a few images with the swipe of a finger, securing quality pictures worthy of a frame is something of an art, due to the limited size and specifications of cameras mounted on smartphones.

sport photography

We've all heard the stories. Fuzzy images as football players score a goal. Noisy photos late at night underneath the moon at a bar. And don't forget the time when you fumbled the phone. HUAWEI P20 wants to raise the reputation of smartphone cameras by offering premium capabilities that camera pros expect, with accessibility that amateurs can appreciate.

HUAWEI P20's stable of camera features includes the large sensor, which allows more light to be absorbed. In the photography world, more light means clearer pictures. The AI enhanced image stabilization comes in handy for the inevitable time when fingers slip and the grip loosens. AI allows the HUAWEI P20's camera to provide a variety of blur-free, handheld shots in low-light using "night mode" and without a tripod. Image Stabilization is one the main features for good sport photography.

A common complaint of smartphones has been the wide discrepancy in equipment and specifications between the front and rear cameras. Typically, the rear cameras are much more powerful since they are good for a wide range of uses. What about the selfie-loving crowd that has been disappointed time and again by the lackluster front camera? Well, there's a solution by way of a 24MP front camera situated on the HUAWEI P20, which means "every selfie you take will look stunning," according to Huawei. "No ifs, no buts."

Finally, let's not forget the recent advances in facial and scene recognition that can beautify existing images and the people in them. HUAWEI P20 can recognize over 500 scenarios across 19 categories and apply a different optimized profile of settings for each. In addition, the device supports AI-driven 3D facial modeling technology that follows the contour of a subject's features and adjusts naturally for the most flattering selfies imaginable. Scene recognition by AI Master is great for action photography.

The resurgence of the smartphone camera is now on the horizon. As more manufacturers dabble with fancy designs and pack in more megapixels, the quality of images is bound to improve. However, it will be those little details, such as AI facial recognition and image stabilization that will really determine the true winners. HUAWEI's P20 is a solid contender that gives photo enthusiasts hope that the smartphone camera could perhaps one day replace their heavy camera equipment.