Oct 09. 2018

Top 5 features of the HUAWEI P20 and P20 pro

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Huawei's flagship P Series is known for its design, cutting-edge technology and best-in-class camera. Continuing this illustrious tradition, the recently-launched HUAWEI P20 fuses art and design with advanced mobile technology to offer a revolutionary professional photography experience. Shipped with Huawei's latest EMUI 8.1 operating system, HUAWEI P20 comes with a wealth of enhancements over the stock Android experience – some of them, once you've become accustomed to, there's no turning back. Here are our top five, life-changing features that we cannot imagine what life would be without:

Outstanding Photography by Master AI

On the spec sheet, HUAWEI P20's camera configuration is nothing but impressive. The wide aperture 20 MP monochrome camera is joined by a 12 MP RGB camera with a sensor whose pixel size is as large as 1.55μm. The large pixel color sensor complements the monochrome camera to result in outstanding low-light photography outcomes. Whilst the hardware is truly outstanding, what's arguably even more remarkable is the Master AI powering the camera in the background.

Enabled by the Kirin 970 AI processor, the Master AI on HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro can recognize more than 500 scenarios in real time, and categorize them into 19 scenes for instant optimization – even before a shot is taken. Snapping a photo of the skyline? Once Master AI detects the blue yonder, it will enable "Blue Sky" mode and turn the color saturation to 11 to ensure your blue skies look as pretty – if not prettier – than what you have before your eyes. Another mode worth mentioning is Document Scan. When you hold a HUAWEI P20 against a document, Master AI will turn on Document Scan and sharpen the text, and help you align and crop the document so that the photo will look as if it was scanned with an actual scanner.

There are a lot more configurations that the Master AI is capable of tweaking for you – and all of them are unique to Huawei's devices.

mater ai p20

Shortcuts Operated via Knuckle Gestures

You're probably very accustomed to using smartphones by now. All the swiping and tapping and multi-finger gestures have become second nature. Now, allow us to intrigue you with a new gesture that adds a new dimension to your man-to-machine interaction: Knuckle gestures. They're like the mobile phone equivalent of macro keys that PC productivity-junkies swear by.

An underrated, under-used set of gestures that first came with the HUAWEI P10 Series, these knuckle gestures can be performed for a few purposes. You can knock your device and slide across the screen horizontally to enable split-screen for maximum productivity. Knock twice with one finger, and you'll take a screenshot, or do the same with two fingers and you'll start screen recording (goodbye third-party apps with annoying watermarks). Your knuckles can be used to launch apps, too. Simply draw a letter (c, e, m or w) to launch apps; you can bind different apps to different letters in the Settings menu.

Phone Optimization by Phone Manager Automatically

Everyone's a busy bee. We know that. Nobody has the time to manually optimize their phone and make sure it runs smoothly, yet it is precisely what everyone wants. Introducing Phone Manager, the feature that automatically optimizes your phone on a single tap. In the Phone Manager app, once you tap "Optimize", the phone will automatically scan your device for suboptimal settings that needs a tune up and caches that are begging to be emptied. It even scans your device for viruses, too! Talk about being thorough. There, you can also access a graph that illustrates how much data you've consumed, perfect for those who run on a plan that forces them to be frugal on data.

Use Two Different Accounts by App Twin

app twin p20
App Twin creates a copy of an app of your choosing. The duplicate is denoted by a blue mark.

Managing multiple identities can be tough – and slip-ups happen. Have you ever tried sending a text meant for a friend to a colleague, or worse, client? Navigating chat apps can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope – one wrong text could very well spell the end of your job.

But with App Twin, you'll never have to worry about your locker room talk going to the wrong eyes. Available on HUIAWEI P20, App Twin makes a duplicate of an app of your choosing. The copy works as a completely separate instance and does not share any of your personal information or login credentials with the original app. Using App Twin, you can effectively log in to two separate profiles simultaneously and have access to both of them at once. We suggest using this feature to separate your personal profiles from work-related ones. That way, you will never send a text you'll regret ever again.

Personalize Your Phone by System Navigation

There's nothing wrong with the navigation bar – but if you'd like to make the most out of the massive, beautiful FullView display on the HUAWEI P20, do consider trying out the Navigation Dock. As a tiny, circular always-on-top button, the Navigation Dock can be used as a back key, a return to home key, and to bring up App Overview. It's a handy little virtual button that can be dragged to wherever you want, and consumes just a tiny fraction of the screen real estate. Alternatively, you can ditch all virtual navigation keys and use the fingerprint sensor to get around in the device. It supports gestures that are similar to the Navigation Dock, but has one extra one: swipe up to bring up the Google app – handy at times when you want to quickly verify something.

system navigation p20

These are our top HUAWEI P20 features that we never want to separate with – what are yours?