Jan 28. 2013

Compatible with Japan's Fastest Xi 112.5 Mbps, Development of Ascend D2 HW-03E and Wi-Fi router HW-02E

A world leading ICT solutions provider, Huawei Technologies Group Japan K.K. (hereafter referred to as Huawei Japan) will develop the following three-product line up as the company’s spring model: docomo NEXT series "Ascend D2 HW-03E" with Japan’s fastest*4 Xi 112.5 Mbps compatibility, Wi-Fi router "HW-02E", and large screen and audio tablet "dtab" with which a wide variety of d Market content can be enjoyed at home via Wi-Fi.

The release dates are planned for early April for the "Ascend D2 HW-03E", middle of March for the Wi-Fi router "HW-02E", and late March for the "dtab".

"We are excited to introduce these three products including the second ’Ascend’ series’", said Hua Wu, Device President. "With ’Ascend D2HW-03E’ and Wi-Fi router ’HW-02E’, users can be the first to experience Japan’s fastest*1 Xi 112.5 Mbps*2 (maximum downlink) before anyone else. Huawei’s unique technology Water Drop Clear Touch Panel now incorporated in ’Ascend D2HW-03E’ makes it possible to instantly perform touch operations even on a wet screen surface. We hope that many of our customers will experience the innovativeness of the new revolutionary ’Ascend D2HW-03E’."

"Ascend D2 HW-03E" is an Android™ 4.1 compatible smartphone which is customised for the Japanese market and developed based on "Ascend D2" introduced at the International CES 2013.

Water Drop Clear Touch Panel achieved using Huawei’s unique high-sensitivity touch sensing technology is the next generation waterproof feature that allows operation of the screen even with water drops on the screen or when hands are wet. Unexpected phone calls can be taken under rainy conditions or while working around water. Email and SNS can be enjoyed even while taking a bath or around the kitchen.

Furthermore, "Ascend D2 HW-03E" supports Japan’s fastest*1 Xi 112.5 Mbps*2 (at maximum downlink) for the first time for the 2013 spring model. With the incorporation of multi-core technology with the quad-core CPU (HiSilicon K3V2 application processor) and 16-core graphic processor (GPU), which realize high performance and low energy consumption features uniquely developed by Huawei, Web / SNS access, as well as cloud services such as online albums, storage and picture image / video editing can be used more effortlessly than ever before.

The main body, with a 4.7 inch HD display, has a round form leveraging the backside curved shape against the hand. Despite its large screen, the overall appearance gives the impression of sophisticated design compactness. In addition, the high sensibility camera with a 13.1 megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor "Exmor RS" and f-2.2 lens brightens dark areas, tones down areas washed by too much light and emphasizes green in images, thus sharper and clearer images can be achieved.

Mobile phone features widely used in Japan such as waterproof (IPX5/7)*4, Osaifu Keitai, infrared data communication, One-Seg and NOTTV are also widely available.

Wi-Fi router "HW-02E" supports Japan’s fastest*1 Xi 112.5 Mbps*2 (maximum downlink) as well as GMS in addition to 3G for international roaming. This compact and stylish Wi-Fi router offers an extensive range of handy features for beginners such as auto-switch between Xi, FOMA and wireless LAN, and 5 second device activation*5. It also meets the IEEE802.11n wireless LAN standards, enabling more effortless Wi-Fi communication operability with a maximum communication speed of 300 Mbps.

The main body with a round and smooth form is realized in a compact size which does not take up much pocket space. With the sophisticated colour variations of three colours: "blue, white, chocolate", it satisfies the needs of customers who wish to choose a Wi-Fi router based on the design and colour.

Even people who have not used a Wi-Fi router before can easily take it out as a fun fashion item regardless of gender while taking advantage of its connectivity enabling up to 10 simultaneous device connections to be enjoyed from mobile computers and tablets to entertainment terminals such as game players.

Wi-Fi tablet "dtab" is a tablet that utilises a unique home application that enables convenient and easy use of d Market services ranging from image viewing to shopping at home. With 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and Android 4.1 with enhanced operability, needless to say, movies and TV dramas as well as comic books can be viewed on the large 10.1 inch HD screen, shopping can also be enjoyed.

The main body possesses a rich material feel, and a simple and elegant design with a near seamless aluminum framework. Incorporated multiple sound technologies such as Audyssey and Dolby Digital Plus into the tablet, a wide range of content such as streaming videos and music can be enjoyed with thrilling and powerful sound quality.