Dec 04. 2013

HUAWEI Unveils 4G LTE-enabled Automotive Module-HUAWEI ME909T

Shanghai, China, December 4, 2013: HUAWEI, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today unveiled its automotive module HUAWEI ME909T mobile broadband (MBB) product at a press conference in Shanghai. The 4G LTE-enabled HUAWEI ME909T supports web surfing, data analysis and information transmission within vehicles. Today’s announcement further demonstrates HUAWEI’s advances in telematics for use across industries.

“According to Enfodesk, all vehicles will be installed with telematics by 2022, and with the HUAWEI ME909T we are in prime position to cater to this global trend,” said Steven Lau, Vice President of HUAWEI Mobile Broadband Product Line. “The HUAWEI ME909T delivers 4G LTE connectivity at top speeds while on the road, and is just one more way in which we are bringing the benefits of technology to people anywhere, anytime.”

The HUAWEI ME909T is a reliable and stable vehicle-mounted information module measuring just 40 x 40 x 4 mm, and able to withstand high-speed environments. Compliant with the quality standards of the Automotive Electronics Council Q100 and the TS 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management Standard, it is resilient to tough conditions including extreme temperatures and unstable power supplies. The HUAWEI ME909T works perfectly within a moving environment, while its low standby consumption ensures long-lasting power.

The HUAWEI ME909T provides 4G LTE CAT3 connectivity, delivering speeds of up to 100 Mbs. Its Pin-to-Pin interface provides a smooth transition between 3G and 4G LTE, while detecting and upgrading networks when available. With its open CPU, the HUAWEI ME909T provides improved compatibility between applications and software so that car owners can access global navigation satellite system (GNSS), emergency calls (eCall), traffic instructions, and weather information while on the road. In addition, the firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) capability makes it possible to receive software upgrades. The HUAWEI ME909T is also compatible with a range of OS including Android, Windows CE, Linux and QNX.

HUAWEI ME909T has been recognised by world-class vehicle device manufacturers and will be increasingly integrated into wireless communication systems of the world’s top automobiles. Once applied on a large scale, HUAWEI ME909T is expected to play a role in advancing the development of the global telematics market and accelerate the intelligent vehicles trend.

HUAWEI ME909T is available from March 2014.

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