Jan 02. 2014

HUAWEI Consumer Business Group appoints Tommi Laine-Ylijoki as President of Integrated Delivery Management

Shenzhen, China, Jan 2nd: HUAWEI, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced the appointment of Tommi Laine-Ylijoki as President of Integrated Delivery Management for its Consumer Business Group. Formerly Corporate Vice President and Head of Operations at Sony Ericsson, Laine-Ylijoki officially joined HUAWEI in December 2013. He will oversee the entire operations and supply chain management of HUAWEI’s consumer devices, from global sourcing, planning and manufacturing, to order and delivery logistics. Laine-Ylijoki reports to Richard Yu, Chief Executive Officer of HUAWEI Consumer Business Group.

Yu said, “Tommi possesses extensive experience in supply chain operations, optimisation and cost management, and global distribution network development in the mobile phone industry. He is an expert in planning and managing cross-region manufacturing hubs, which will support HUAWEI’s rapid growth and deployment in the global market. With Tommi’s global insights and deep in-market experience, I believe he will help us build a high-quality and highly-effective supply chain system to further enhance our ability to deliver our technology into the hands of more people globally and boost HUAWEI’s position as a leading global smart device brand.”

Laine-Ylijoki said, "The rapid growth of HUAWEI’s consumer business over the past several years is impressive. The popularity of HUAWEI devices worldwide demonstrates the brand’s high growth potential and I am very happy to be joining HUAWEI Consumer Business for us to deliver our 'Make it Possible' commitment to consumers globally.”

Prior to joining HUAWEI Consumer Business Group, Laine-Ylijoki possessed extensive supply chain management experience in the mobile device manufacturing industry. From 1993, he held a number of senior positions at Nokia including his promotion to Vice President of Materials Management in 2008, where he was responsible for the company’s global materials, logistics planning and quality assurance. In early 2011, Laine-Ylijoki joined Sony Ericsson and re-engineered the company’s end-to-end global supply chain, including procurement and production planning, operations, logistics, and global customer delivery.

In recent years, HUAWEI has enjoyed rapid growth in the global smartphone market as well as increased brand recognition. Data from market research firm, Strategy Analytics, shows that HUAWEI was ranked third in global smartphone shipments in Q3 2013.

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