Oct 30. 2014

HUAWEI enters Thai smartphone market under its own brand with first brand ambassador and a 400-million-baht in Thai marketing budget

HUAWEI Device (Thailand), the world's second largest Android smartphone manufacturer, has just entered into Thai smartphone market, introducing its first brand ambassador and its flagship smartphone to gain the market share.

Mr. Thomas Liu, the managing director of HUAWEI Device in Southeast Asia, said "HUAWEI is not only a leading company in the global IT industry but we are now the second largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, but in terms of technology and quality we are so confident that HUAWEI is second to none, we have our own research centres located worldwide to create and develop new teachnology and innovations. We have created our own Chipset that could deliver the perfect balance between performance and consumption. The phone is elegant but user-friendly with smart internal design. Although, HUAWEI is considered as a brand young new but our deliver are hugely worldwide, In 2014, HUAWEI sets a budget of 200 million baht for its marketing activities, aiming at developing communication channels with consumers and being the first brand to introduce 4G LTE technology to the market. In 2015, HUAWEI is tripling its marketing budget to 400 million baht in Thailand smartphone market, hoping to gain market share of the Thai smartphone marker. HUAWEI also plans to launch 20 newest mobile products for its users to experience the most sophisticated technology, expecting a total sale of 600,000 smartphones and tablets.

Apart from the plan to meet the increasing market demand, HUAWEI also is expanding its distribution channels by putting its products on the shelves of IT chain stores such as Jaymart, TG Fone, PowerBuy, Banana IT, Radar telecom, Synnex, and CAC. HUAWEI now has 75 after-sale service centres in the country, and the number will mount to 125 in 2015. To continue the global-scale campaign "Make It Possible", HUAWEI Device (Thailand) also introduces its first brand ambassador - Mr. Teeradetch Methawarayuth, or Alek, a young famous actor in Thailand. HUAWEI hopes to build a recognised brand both in terms of products and brand image. And, Alek is a popular actor whose personality perfectly represents the image - outstanding and progressive - that HUAWEI wants to achieve.

HUAWEI Device (Thailand) is a leading company in the world's Android phone market. On October 30, 2014, HUAWEI just launched its flagship smartphone - HUAWEI Ascend Mate 7 - to let its users experience the thin smartphone (7.9 mm) with a 6-inch FDH screen, a higher-capacity battery, and the state-of-the-art fingerprint technology. HUAWEI is redefining smartphone for its users and showing its determination to come up with the most advanced products for the best experience of its customers, through the campaign "Make It Possible."