Apr 24. 2015

Complementing HUAWEI P8 and HUAWEI P8 max, HUAWEI Consumer BG Launches HUAWEI P8 lite

[China, Shenzhen, 24 April, 2015] HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (BG) today officially introduced the new HUAWEI P8 lite smartphone. A simplistic design, superb camera, exception music player and strong 4G connectivity makes this a magnificent addition to the HUAWEI P8 product family. This P Series of HUAWEI devices, comprising HUAWEI P8 and HUAWEI P8 max complement each other to cater for the different demands of the ‘Ultimately Fashionable’ consumer.

Complementing HUAWEI P8 and HUAWEI P8 max, HUAWEI Consumer BG Launches HUAWEI P8 lite

Simplistic Design Offers Consumers a State of Tranquility, Making Life Easier

With a 5.0-inch fully laminated IPS touchscreen, a smooth and flat surface embodies a design concept of peace and serenity without excessive curved components. The 7.7 mm HUAWEI P8 lite ultra-thin body is a perfect integration of design and craftsmanship, and allows convenient single-handed operation which facilitates a perfect interaction between the phone and the user.

HUAWEI P8 lite adopts a layered design with a contrast of hue, giving a visual illusion of just 4.75 mm thickness. The design makes it look slimmer, and more fashionable. An aluminum alloy side button is closely fitted to the frame using CNC precision craftsmanship. The power button employs a unique concave design and features a CD patterned surface, resulting in a more comfortable and ergonomic experience. The hand-crafted metal satin coating of the middle frame and the battery covers the slightly-curved surface with micro level indium-tin alloys, providing a smooth touch experience and the metallic reflective visuals are captured under light.

Superb Camera and Music Player Provides Exceptional and Simple Entertainment Experiences On The Go

Inheriting the outstanding camera performance of the wider HUAWEI P series, HUAWEI P8 lite is equipped with 5 MP front-facing and 13 MP rear-facing cameras. The rear camera features an F2.0 aperture, 7 mm micro lens, and a 28 mm wide-angle function. The front-facing camera uses a 22 mm wide-angle lens with 1.4 m pixels that reach out to an 88° frame area.

To enhance the functionality of the camera, HUAWEI P8 lite comes with three pre-installed photo enhancing programs. The HUAWEI P8 lite includes HUAWEI’s unique ‘Image Sharpening Algorithm’ to provide outstanding high definition photos in a range of lights. The algorithm provides exceptional details, particularly for portrait and scenic images. uawei HUAWEI P8 lite also carries the ‘I Shine’ self-enhancing function, as seen on other HUAWEI devices. However, this version automatically recognises the face of the device owner and applies the special beautifying effect in a preset level. In conjunction, any additional faces in the image are enhanced with the standard level beautifying effect. This personalised approach provides users with the option to select their unique charm.

In addition to the basic photo enhancing functionalities for faces such as smoothing, whitening, face slimming, and eye enhancing, the 10 level image polishing feature on the HUAWEI P8 lite also features face-beautifying functions for video recording and video calls.

A post shoot focus adjustment metering mode, allows HUAWEI P8 lite users to adjust the focus of portraits after a photo is taken. This is particularly effective when the photo contains more than one subject.

HUAWEI P8 lite has multiple fun camera functions like off-screen snapshot, smart-smile face capture, sound and shoot, moving subject focus, manual focus, sound snap, panorama, and continuous capture, to allow users to truly enjoy mobile photography and take fantastic photographs.

The high level audio capability is due to a BOX integrated sound chamber. In additional to this, separate front and rear speakers avoid dispersion in low-frequency environments. Both of which result in a Hi-Fi quality sound output. The Smart PA system prevents sound fracture and dual inconsistency from the speakers when the device is used for playing music or voice calls. It also intelligently detects the pressure, temperature and the amplitude to provide high quality sound for the user.

HUAWEI P8 lite provides consumers with a superb photography and sound experience to ignite their creativity and enjoy on their own way.

Strong 4G Connectivity, Making it Easier for Consumers to Connect to the World

Powered by a 1.2 GHz 64-digit octa-core Kirin 620 chipset, HUAWEI P8 lite offers an ultra-fast 4G LTE Cat4 connectivity with a download speed of 150 Mpbs.

HUAWEI P8 lite contains one of the best 4G communication capabilities in the industry. The 4G communication capabilities of the HUAWEI P8 lite are demonstrated by the long 4G network standby time, and the 4G download capability. As shown in the field test results, the network-standby time of HUAWEI P8 lite sharply exceeds that of other 4G phones. It can maintain a 4G signal in complex network environments. In tests, when in built-up areas, the HUAWEI P8 lite was able to maintain a 4G signal whilst other phones switched to 3G signal sources. The downloading speed also tested higher than other phones.

HUAWEI continues to optimise the GTS adjustment technology, demonstrated in the capabilities of the HUAWEI P8 lite. The device is able to achieve the best performance ratio through ATM switching technology which is set to the users’ preferences. Based on HUAWEI’s big data control and management experience, the most important data module for users will become a top priority.

As a member of HUAWEI P8 family, HUAWEI P8 lite perfectly inherits the ‘Ultimately Fashionable’ DNA of P series. The simplistic design of the HUAWEI P8 lite enables consumers to reach a state of serenity and peacefulness through their fingertips in the restless world. The recommended retail price of HUAWEI P8 lite will be XXX euros. It will be available in more than 30 countries including China, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain from Q3 2014, with other markets to follow.