May 06. 2015

James Rodriguez, new brand ambassador for HUAWEI Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia –May 6th, 2015. HUAWEI, global leading company in ICT and telecommunication solutions, announced that James Rodriguez has become the new brand Ambassador for HUAWEI Colombia. The company looks to have a different approach to the Colombian market and it premium Smartphones line through the alliance with one of the most influential and loved celebrity for the country, who reflects the values and essence of the brand.

The football player represents the dedication, growth, determination and capabilities that the Colombians have to make their dreams come true. That is precisely what HUAWEI wants to communicate to the consumers through the new campaign “Welcome to the Country of the Possibles”. Campaign that invites people to dream, act with passion and be persistent to achieve their goals; like HUAWEI that in the last years has stand out in the market for its growth and innovative commercial offer designed specially to cover the consumers’ necessities.

“For HUAWEI, to be linked with an international personality such as James Rodriguez, represents the commitment of the brand with its consumers to provide with our devices the best technology and connectivity. We like to look into the future with optimism and determination. That is the reason for which this alliance symbolizes the brand spirit and the importance that HUAWEI gives to the market in Colombia” commented Maria Fernanda Chinchilla Marketing Director of HUAWEI Device Colombia.

Under the slogan of “Make it Possible” HUAWEI would like to transmit with its new brand ambassador, the nature and passion of the brand to the consumers. “We have decided about James Rodriguez because we share his same values: commitment, integrity, teamwork and persistence. We are sure that his image clearly reflects the strength, effort and dedication that we have for our consumers to create devices with the latest technology” stated Maria Fernanda Chinchilla, Marketing Device Director in Colombia

The company associated the brand to the image of James Rodriguez with the goal to ground their position in the Colombia and show why HUAWEI is one of the most influential manufacturers worldwide.

“Me siento muy satisfecho de haber firmado esta alianza con HUAWEI, pues la tecnología y el deporte guardan relación en la dedicación, la calidad, el esfuerzo y el compromiso que se debe imprimir, para hacer realidad lo que parece imposible”, concluyó James Rodriguez.

“I feel very satisfied to have signed an agreement and alliance with HUAWEI, because technology and sports keep a close relationship in the dedication, quality, effort and commitment that someone must produce to make possible what seemed impossible” , affirmed James Rodriguez.