Dec 22. 2017

US$20000 for the Grand Prize in HUAWEI 2017 NEXT-IMAGE Awards HUAWEI Announces Award Winners

Kicked off in September 2017, the HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards is a four-month photography competition that garnered participation of photographers from more than 90 countries and regions. A total of 150,000 entries were rigorously reviewed in three rounds, and winners have been selected for the Grand Prize, seven Best-in-Category Awards, and 50 Excellent Awards.

Fabulous Works: Winners of the Grand Prize and Seven Best-in-Category Awards Amazed the Judges

Ms. Francisca Reyes, a Chilean participant, impressed the judges with her work entitled Subtle Summer. Her work won both the Grand Prize and the Best-in-Category Award of the #Hello, Life!# category. She was awarded a US$20,000 fund, which the organizer hopes will support her efforts for the coming year's NEXT-IMAGE Awards.

Judges were also amazed by other fantastic photos:

"These works are interesting and impressive. It's not easy to produce great photos with phones, but many participants have done it well." —Alex Webb, photographer at Magnum Photos

"I found eye-opening photos in every category – some are even more exciting than I expected." —Liu Heungshing, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

"NEXT-IMAGE represents a whole new level of image creation. During the final round of review, entries were comprehensively examined based on photography techniques, visual expressions, creative thinking, and forward-looking ideas. The award-winning photos are of great aesthetic value. They maximize vividness and lifelikeness – the unique features of phone photography. Combined with artistic breakthroughs, phone photography is sure to draw more participants to NEXT-IMAGE." —Li Changzhu, Vice President of HUAWEI Smartphone

In addition to Subtle Summer, another six entries won the Best-in-Category Awards, and the participants were awarded a HUAWEI MateBook X tablet computer and a HUAWEI Mate 10 smartphone. The winners of the 50 Excellent Awards received a HUAWEI Mate 10 smartphone. All of the award-winning photographers will join the HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Plan and may even become the company's long-term partners.

NEXT-IMAGE Judges: Experts with Authority and Professionalism

The 2017 NEXT-IMAGE Awards was co-organized by HUAWEI and the International Center of Photography (ICP), the world's leading institution dedicated to photography and visual culture. Other partners include the China Photographers Association, Visual China Group,, Pear Video, and The project was kicked off on September 9, 2017, and was open to all HUAWEI smartphone users worldwide. Since smartphones are increasingly used for social networking and image creation, the project was divided into seven categories: "@All", "Hello, Life!", "Me, Myself & I", "Check-In", "Citizen Witness", "3x3", and "Timeline". A total of 150,000 entries were received from over 90 countries and regions.

During the project, exhibitions were held under the theme of "with HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE" in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Colombia the Philippines, and other countries and regions. Excellent entries were showcased to local photography enthusiasts, enabling more people to rediscover the joy and meaning of visual culture.

After the deadline for submission, HUAWEI invited 13 professional judges to conduct an initial review. Among them are Chai Jijun (founder of Visual China Group), Chang He (VP of Pear Video), Fu Yongjun (renowned photographer) and others. A total of 500 photos were further reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of five world-leading experts and five young photography enthusiasts from different countries. With professionalism and fresh new ways of thinking, the panel ensured the fairness of the competition and redefined the next generation of imaging.

The panel consisted of both world-leading professionals and up-and-coming photographers. Among them are:
• Alex Webb Photographer at Magnum Photos
• Karin Rehn-Kaufmann Art Director and Chief Representative of Leica Galleries International
• Mark Lubell Executive Director of International Center of Photography
• Liu Heung Shing Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Founding director of Shanghai Center of Photography
• Li Changzhu Vice President of HUAWEI Smartphones
• Alphanso Appleton Photojournalist from Liberia
• Rebecca Morrello Freelance photographer from USA
• Roy Baizan Teaching Assistant from USA
• He Hongshan Actress and photographer from China
• NK Freelance photographer from China

All of the judges expressed great amazement at the quality of the phone photos, and great expectations for more to come.

NEXT-IMAGE Will Unleash New Possibilities As Photography Gains Popularity

Photography is gaining massive popularity as smartphones become more widely used and their imaging technology continues to improve. The new connotations of imaging – and its new value – are being continuously discovered. Smartphones have become an important tool for image creation. The HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards is a platform for HUAWEI smartphone users to share their visual content and the joy of image making.

As a key component of the NEXT-IMAGE Plan, the NEXT-IMAGE Awards will continue to be held into the future. HUAWEI expects that the project will become a new beacon for the development of visual culture. With the completion of the first annual project, HUAWEI is set to extend the 2018 project to more countries, so that more people can explore the possibilities of image creation, making the event even more valuable.