Jan 02. 2017

Tan Dun 2017 New Year Concert Held in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China - Jan 1st 2017 – The Tan Dun 2017 New Year’s Symphony Rock Concert, sponsored by Huawei, was successfully held on New Year’s Eve at Shenzhen’s OCT Harbor theatre. Over 1000 music lovers attended the event, where world-renowned composer and conductor, Tan Dun, fused classical music with rock & roll, and traditional Chinese New Year’s customs with modern Chinese sensibilities to create a truly original spectacle. The concert saw the audience join the orchestra in creating music for the show, using their smartphones as instruments, to create a unique and improvised musical experience.

The two-hour concert took “Nature, Home and Nation” as its theme and was filled with all the innovation Tan Dun has become known for. It opened with “The Swan” by St-Saens, through Dinicu’s “The Lark” and Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” before ending with a number of contemporary rock compositions in collabouration with Beijing-based folk band, Hanggai. During the composition, “The Secret Language of Wind and Birds”, Tan Dun conduct his orchestra and the audience to play a digital birdsong melody with their own smartphones to create the immersive effect of a ‘digital woodland.’

Tan Dun’s New Year Concerts are amongst the most hotly-anticipated events in China. An iconic musician, composer and conductor known worldwide, Tan Dun has won numerous international awards including Best Original Score at the 73rd Academy Awards, a Grammy in 2002 and Germany’s Bach Award in 2011. His most famous works include “The Martial Arts Trilogy”, “The Secret Language of Wind and Birds” and “Resurrection;” each of which showcases his distinct sound and ever-evolving artistic style. The growth of digital technology and its absorption into daily life has allowed much more interactive and immersive musical experiences to be created.

On the evolution of the New Year Concert, Tan Dun commented: “It has been 30 years since China Central Television (CCTV) introduced the ‘Vienna New Year’s Concert’ to China. In the beginning, we copied everything from the Vienna concert before gradually combining oriental and western elements. This year, we created the first truly original New Year’s concert in China. We’ve combined our traditional Chinese New Year’s Day traditions with the ambition and forward-thinking outlook of modern China. We think this concert will set the high watermark for future events.”

A Huawei spokesperson added: “As a technology company, Huawei is focused on the convenience and improvement innovation can bring to people’s lives. As part of that, we also focus on the way the arts and creativity can enrichen our lives too. Huawei worked closely with Tan Dun for the New Year’s Symphony Rock Concert to help create that fusion of technology, creativity and the arts. As a globally-recognised brand, favoured by consumers, Huawei hopes to support and participate in many more inspiring collabourations like this event.”

The Tan Dun 2017 New year’s Symphony Rock Concert featured a number of world famous musicians including Hanggai Band, Italian operatic soprano Mariella Devia, violinist Yao Jue, cellist Zhu Lin and the Macao Orchestra. Tan Dun performed classic works such as “Skylark”, “Moonlight”, “I Love You: China” and “Hanggai–Lullaby (Borulai)” in collabouration with several musicians, as well as his iconic works such as "Resurrection" and "The Secret Language of Wind and Birds”.