Jan 29. 2018

HUAWEI P smart is launched as a stylish smartphone for young consumers

HUAWEI launched the all new P smart Series on Jan 29th, 2018. By perfectly blending fashion with technology, it was immediately well received at the product launch. The latest product series launched by HUAWEI this year, the P smart Series smartphones feature the whole new EMUI 8.0 operating system (OS)(Based on Android 8.0) with a focus on the FullView Display design. With an exclusive Face Beauty algorithm, gesture shot and other functions, this stylish series is tailor-made for young consumers.

FullView Display: Maximize Your View

The smartphone industry has entered an era of full view. As a trendy series of smartphones with HUAWEI FullView Display, HUAWEI P smart features a 5.65”, Full-HD, 18:9 screen with a screen-to-body ratio of over 76%, offering you a wider view than ever. With an excellent architecture, component arrangement and 2.5D curvy screen design, HUAWEI P smart feels even more compact and comfortable in hand.

It continues the design language of the P Series characterized by simplicity and elegance -- a slim metallic body, flat smooth rear surface, and three antennas skillfully hidden in the upper and lower parts of the metallic body avoid the traditional three-section design’s impact on body aesthetics while ensuring good communication experiences. Moreover, HUAWEI P smart features a unique One-touch Split-screen mode supporting the simultaneous running of two apps (note: it depends on third-party apps), offering you even more possibilities of mobile operations.

The FullView Display design leads to a larger screen, a nearly 50% reduction in space for antennas and RF and the occupation of excessive strength space, posing challenges for the original smartphone antenna solution and reliability. In order to ensure smartphone performance and reliability, HUAWEI engineers have equipped HUAWEI P smart Series with sophisticated technology. With solutions such as adjustments to the size and position of the metallic battery cover slot, the extension of the front-cover metal and antenna matching, HUAWEI P smart ensures no performance decrease despite a nearly 50% reduction in clear space. In the meantime, HUAWEI engineers have identified the best point of balance for HUAWEI P smart through rounds of simulation, ensuring no decrease in reliability.

Smart Face Beauty and Gesture Shot: Smartphone Cameras Knowing What You Want

In order to meet trendy young users’ habits, HUAWEI P smart Series with insight into consumer behavior features 1,300-Mp + 200-Mp rear dual cameras. Together with the dual camera bokeh effect, the front portrait mode, Smart Face Beauty, gesture shot and other features, they let this smartphone series know what you want.

With 1,300-Mp + 200-Mp rear dual cameras and 16-level dual shot blurring, HUAWEI P smart Series smartphones realize hardware-level bokeh effects which, in combination with large apertures, make your photos impressive and stereoscopic. With high-precision camera sensors, high-density phase detection pixels which is new PDAF technology, the 1,300-Mp HD camera boasts focusing in real time besides greatly higher focusing accuracy and speed, thus accurately capturing exciting moments. This series features a Hisilicon self-developed ISP processor with enhanced color expression and noise reduction, letting you take fine photos at any time.

In order to improve photography at night, HUAWEI P smart features five groups of precision lenses, bringing cleaner, purer photos in low light.

HUAWEI P smart Series features a 800-Mp front beauty camera supporting the front portrait mode. By intelligently learning rich samples of previous products, it recognizes human faces more accurately and is able to judge gender. This, plus the HUAWEI-typical automatic color matching optimization algorithm, realizes skin beautification at varying levels. HUAWEI P smart is also added with gesture shot, letting you take selfies only with a palm.

Smooth User Experiences with EMUI 8.0 plus Kirin 659 Processor

Built upon enhanced hardware processing of massive information, EMUI 8.0 is HUAWEI’s most user-friendly OS ever. Through deep combination of EMUI 8.0 with Kirin processor, machine learning, intelligent perception and other features, HUAWEI P smart intelligently learns user habits, accurately predicts user behavior and finely schedule the CPU to ensure space for app running in advance, letting you enjoy a smooth user experience.

Given the pain point that Android-powered smartphones run more and more slowly over time, EMUI 8.0 uses the latest enhanced file processing system that reduces and cleans system fragmentation quietly while reducing file fragmentation, allowing your smartphone to run faster and more smoothly. This series features Kirin 659 processor made with a process for mid-range and high-end chips characterized by better energy performance. With an i5 mini-core coprocessor, it is easy to measure information like steps, distance and GPS location, also with low power consumption while your smartphone remains perceptive; it also supports pedometers to provide HUAWEI P smart intelligent sporty performance.

Safe Fingerprint Recognition plus Enhanced Power

A standard feature of smartphones, fingerprint recognition offers a convenient, fast start-up experience. HUAWEI P smart Series is equipped with Fingerprint 4.0 solution, fingerprint recognition within 0.3 seconds, a false rejection rate (FRR) of lower than 2% and a false acceptance rate (FAR) of lower than 1/50,000, bringing a better user experience than the competition does. Besides, HUAWEI has combined fingerprint recognition with other functions to develop ground-breaking apps such as fingerprint navigation, fingerprint shot and alarm clock deactivation with fingerprint, realizing a faster, more intelligent user experience from HUAWEI P smart Series.

Additionally, with HUAWEI’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, HUAWEI P smart offers more high-quality, convenient scenario experiences, such as One-touch Split-screen, Phone Clone, HUAWEI Share and Dual Bluetooth Connections, letting you enjoy caring services comparable to those provided by a good housekeeper.

Long battery life is part of HUAWEI smartphones’ core competitiveness. In order to enhance the battery life of smartphones with a full view, HUAWEI P smart features a 3,000-mAh (typical value) battery which, in combination with the Intelligent Power-saving technology 6.0, ensures working time of HUAWEI P smart for one day. In the meantime, it supports background real-time detection of power-hungry apps, comprehensive power consumption test and one-key optimization to save power significantly and help extend battery life greatly.