Jul 18. 2018

Huawei unveils the most powerful AI Quad-Camera smartphone to date: HUAWEI nova 3

SHENZHEN, China—7/18, 2018: HUAWEI today launched HUAWEI nova 3, the third-generation HUAWEI nova device. In pursuit of the best AI selfie camera, HUAWEI has equipped the HUAWEI nova 3 with a 24 MP camera on both sides of the device, creating a quad-camera powerhouse that breaks ground for a new world of AI photography. On the performance front, HUAWEI nova 3 is powered by a Kirin 970 SoC, which works in concert with up to 6 GB of RAM1 and the latest EMUI 8.2 to deliver an experience that is on par with flagship devices.

After enduring a turbulent two years in the market, the HUAWEI nova series now melds elegance and innovative AI to usher in a new era of smart living. As a product series that is squarely aimed at address user pain points in selfie photography and entertainment, the latest HUAWEI nova device features a wealth of improvements that are made possible by AI. As well as radiating elegance, HUAWEI nova 3 offers all-new user experiences that eases users into embracing the AI-enhanced life.

Meticulous Design and Trendy Colour Options

The look and feel of HUAWEI nova 3 are the distillation of the designers’ relentless pursuit of perfection. Smooth to the touch on all facets, HUAWEI nova 3 features double curved 3D glass both on the front and back of the device, and underneath the front glass is the a 6.3-inch FullView Display. The new notched Full HD+ panel has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, giving the device a slenderer look compared with its 18:9 counterparts. In addition, the precise engineering techniques employed by HUAWEI ensure that the four corners of the screen are the curved identically, so that the screen connects with the mid-frame seamlessly and in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour of 2018. As a device that strives to be at the forefront of trends, Paris is available in a special gradient colour, Iris Purple, in which the purple slowly transitions to a shade of blue, as if it is a living, breathing piece of art.

HUAWEI nova 3 is also available in Airy Blue, Red, Black and Primrose Gold – every one of them equally striking and vibrant. The Red and Primrose Gold schemes are the designers’ truest expression of summer’s energy and passion, while the Airy blue scheme acts as a refreshing contrast. The Black is understated and unobtrusive, but nevertheless sleek and stylish.

HUAWEI Unveils the Most Powerful AI Quad-Camera Smartphone to Date: HUAWEI nova 3

Capture Beauty Anytime with Four AI Cameras

As the third-generation nova device, HUAWEI nova 3 lets users explore new possibilities through the lenses of its four AI cameras.

The AI selfie feature not only captures a subject’s face with clarity, but it also records the story behind the subject’s style and expressions. HUAWEI nova 3 is equipped with dual front-facing cameras with a 24 MP primary sensor and a 2 MP sensor. The former is designed to capture details with its f/2.0 wide aperture lens, whereas the 2 MP secondary sensor captures depth data with dedicated depth detection hardware. Working in synergy, the dual cameras produces stunning, authentic bokeh effects. In addition, when a user is taking a selfie, the HUAWEI nova 3 can recognise over 200 scenarios across eight categories, including Blue Sky, Plant and Beach, and apply a unique set of optimisations for each scene, while separately beautifying the subject. The beautification algorithms also take into consideration how people around the world perceive beauty, and apply a different set of adjustments to people of different sex and skin colour.

The rear camera on the HUAWEI nova 3 comprises a 24 MP monochrome and 16 MP RGB senor with dual f/1.8 wide aperture 6p lenses. Combined, they allow the device to not just capture crisp images, but also provide greater control over the photos.

Besides the monochrome plus colour sensor setup, HUAWEI nova 3 is also equipped with the industry leading NPU, making it the world’s first AI quad-camera device, able to make scene-by-scene optimisations. Also on the chip is a discrete ISP, processing the raw data from the sensor to output truly beautiful masterpieces.

While the rear cameras are activated, the AI can automatically identify more than 500 typical scenarios across 22 categories. Moreover, the AI reads the contour, texture, colour gradient, illumination of its camera subjects, and takes them into consideration together with depth information before executing the beautification process. The powerful algorithms account for the subject’s expression, outfit, pose, ambient lighting to improve the portrait taking experience.

Live a Life Empowered by AI

Besides a fashionable design and incredible AI selfie features, HUAWEI nova 3 is equipped with an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, allowing its face unlock feature to work at any lighting conditions. To realize true 24 / 7 fast unlocking, an infra-red sensor is placed beside the 20 MP camera to help read the face of users in dark environments.

For the gaming-loving audience, the HUAWEI nova 3 features Kirin 970 with support for HUAWEI’s proprietary GPU Turbo graphics processing technology, enabling a high-quality gaming experience. If a user encounters a network problem in a game, HUAWEI nova 3 can optimise the connection by switching to a network with the lowest latency. In addition, both SIM slots support 4G and VoLTE, allowing users to game and make calls simultaneously.

The latest EMUI 8.2 features enhancements that can greatly improve the quality of life of its users. The built-in AI can identify objects from the camera and query the web for information, as well as a link to purchase it online2.

1Only some versions are 6 GB memory. Please refer to the final devices on sale in your market.
2Available via the Amazon app in select countries.