Mar 02. 2020

HUAWEI AppGallery Partners with News UK to Deliver News Services on Huawei Devices

News UK integrates apps with HUAWEI AppGallery and HUAWEI Ability Gallery to give consumers three exclusive features on Huawei devices

Huawei’s vision is to make HUAWEI AppGallery an open, innovative app distribution platform that is accessible to consumers. With the HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei aims to strictly protect users’ privacy and security while providing them with a unique and smart experience. To bring this vision to fruition, Huawei is committed to creating the best user experience by providing quality apps on the HUAWEI AppGallery and continuously working on increasing the selection of top apps.

In its latest content partnership, Huawei is officially collaborating with News UK, the most well-known news company in the United Kingdom, to offer users instant access to news services on their Huawei devices. This collaboration sees its three flagship apps -The Times, The Sun and talkSPORT - launching on HUAWEI AppGallery this week.

Newspapers are best read on a big screen, so this offers its customers a realistic reading experience when accessing news on the move. With a HUAWEI Mate Xs, sporting a large 8-inch display and innovative interaction features to deliver a more immersive entertainment experience, users can indulge in independent scrolling of newsfeeds on its foldable screen using News UK apps. This means that the news overview and news details pages are simultaneously displayed on both screens, optimising the reading experience for users.

HUAWEI AppGallery Partners with News UK to Deliver News Services on Huawei Devices

“I think this is a really good long-term partnership we can have with Huawei. I feel there’s a lot more innovation we can do to drive forward amazing customer experiences on these devices,” said Christina Scott, Chief Technology Officer of News UK.

News UK engineers have been working closely with Huawei engineers over the past month to help bring the partnership to life. During the process, News UK engineers noted how seamlessly they have been able to integrate their apps with the HUAWEI Ability Gallery, which intelligently connects their services to users.

This is especially so with HUAWEI Ability Gallery, a proprietary platform that supports developers and companies with automated services for intelligent content distribution. HUAWEI Ability Gallery can connect all devices in a single ecosystem, supporting numerous services such as smart cards, HTML 5 page, or apps accessible. By integrating with HUAWEI Assistant’s Instant Access, SmartCare and News Feed modules, News UK and Huawei are together working on providing a news service to Huawei mobile phone users with the following features, which have been successfully demonstrated at Huawei’s launch event on Feb 24:

HUAWEI AppGallery Partners with News UK to Deliver News Services on Huawei Devices

Newsfeed – High-quality news content from The Times and The Sun displaying in HUAWEI Assistant's "waterfall-style” newsfeed, which will allow for infinite scrolling and immersive browsing, and bring more exposure and reading to News UK. (Subscription may be required for full access to The Times and The Sunday Times)

TalkSPORT – talkSPORT's sports games voice broadcast service launching within SmartCare, which will present real-time sports games information and live streaming.

Instant Access – By simply swiping right from their home screen, users will see the Instant Access icons where they will be redirected to The Times, The Sun and talkSPORT apps.

On News UK apps, such as The Times and The Sun, users have access to articles covered in the newspaper on a daily basis, as well as online articles pushed to the newsfeed on the screen with the Instant Access icons. Via the talkSPORT app, users can listen to their favourite shows on the move 24/7, catch-up on anything they may have missed and see the weekly radio schedule.

To download these apps, visit the HUAWEI AppGallery this week. For more information, please visit