Jan 20. 2020

HUAWEI HiAI 3.0 Effortless Cross-Device Intelligence

HUAWEI HiAI 3.0 has arrived, marking a new paradigm for versatile, unbounded intelligence. By leveraging distributed artificial intelligence (AI), it pools software and hardware resources from different devices, and facilitates collaborative, mutually-reinforcing interactions between them. Huawei is joining forces with other technological pioneers to construct the on-device AI software standards of the future and enable the broad-scale commercial rollout of cutting-edge AI capabilities.

HUAWEI HiAI 3.0: Make your apps more intelligent

HUAWEI HiAI 3.0: Make your apps more intelligent

HUAWEI HiAI is an open AI capability platform for smart devices, which adopts a "chipset-device-cloud" architecture. By opening up chipset, app, and service capabilities, HUAWEI HiAI has facilitated the creation of a fully intelligent ecosystem, reducing developer costs substantially and spurring innovation, for an optimal smart app user experience that does Huawei's powerful AI processing capabilities justice. During the two painstaking years upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0, the HUAWEI HiAI ecosystem expanded to include more than 4000 partners, with over 96 million active users, and more than 600 billion monthly API calls.

HUAWEI HiAI: A Distributed Model for Seamless AI

"HUAWEI HiAI has taken a giant leap to distributed AI in its 3.0 phase," noted Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at Huawei Consumer Business Group. "At its infancy, HUAWEI HiAI 1.0 only supported single type devices. 2.0 expanded to support such devices as phones, tablets, and smart screens. HUAWEI HiAI 3.0 goes even further, pooling hardware resources to form a super device. Powered by distributed AI, devices mutually reinforce each other, providing users with the best possible experience."

HUAWEI HiAI 3.0 will continue to enhance its open capabilities at the chipset, device, and cloud layers. HiAI Foundation opens up Huawei chipset capabilities: It leverages the Kirin 990 chipset's soaring energy efficiency and high degree of precision to bolster AI computing beyond previous limitations. HiAI Foundation is also supported by a wider range of operators and frameworks, for enhanced flexibility and compatibility. HiAI Engine unlocks standout app capabilities, notably: adding handwriting and gesture recognition, providing more than 40 APIs, and reimagining distributed frameworks for computer vision recognition. These in turn, assist developers in crafting enriching apps equipped with intelligent features designed for every conceivable scenario. HiAI Service opens up service capabilities: Apps only need to access its services a single time, after which they can be deployed across numerous device types, including phones, tablets, and smart screens.

HUAWEI HiAI is working hand-in-hand with standards organizations and a diverse range of partners, to initiate research on on-device AI software standards. Through standardized inference and app interfaces, HUAWEI HiAI has accelerated the commercial adoption of on-device AI products, and assisted developers in continually innovating the on-device AI user experience.

HUAWEI HiAI will continue to venture boldly ahead in the intelligent era, and bolster developer services with advanced AI capabilities, to enable seamless AI across scenarios, bringing innovative experiences to consumers. Meanwhile, HUAWEI HiAI will continue to work closely with partners from across the industry, in building on-device AI software standards, accelerating widespread commercialization and breakneck innovation in the field of AI.

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