Apr 20. 2020

Huawei Mobile Services Publishes White Paper 2020: Explore a Better Digital Life

On April 20th, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) released the 2020 Huawei Mobile Services White Paper (‘White Paper’). The White Paper covers two key topics – Huawei’s all-scenario intelligent life and the HMS ecosystem, which highlights Huawei’s commitment in creating a seamless AI life for global consumers.

“Huawei Mobile Services will continue to prioritise the construction of ecosystem, and the enhancement of user experience. By empowering developers with cutting-edge technology and full-throttled support. Let’s work together to build a fully-connected, intelligent world.”said Alex Zhang, President, Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG).

HUAWEI Sound X Unveiled with the P40, Taking Hi-End Audio to Lofty Heights

The white paper showed that as of December 2019, the number of global Huawei Device monthly active users (MAU) reached 600 million, and the number of registered developers has soared to reach 1.3 million.

A safer digital environment

To address users’ concern on privacy and security, HMS has established an isolated Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), while AppGallery has a full-cycle security and protection system, from developer real-name verification to a prevention mechanism for secure app operation.

AppGallery has developed a rating system and reminder features that allow parents to change app download settings to ensure younger users could only access age-appropriate apps and content. HUAWEI Video also features a teenager mode so parents can set video rating and access restrictions based on the child’s age. Parents can also create a child’s account under HUAWEI ID to provide additional protection for children.

Smarter digital experience is everywhere

The white paper showed that younger users prefer a more straight forward and smarter way to access services and information. HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY provides users with Smart Search, Instant access, Smart Care and News functions. It makes users’ life smarter and easier.

HUAWEI Sound X Unveiled with the P40, Taking Hi-End Audio to Lofty Heights

Technology and innovation makes mobile finance and travel services smarter as well. HUAWEI Wallet aggregates life services, including cards, certificates, tickets, coupons, and keys, onto a single platform. In 2019, Huawei Pay launched the Smart Card experience, providing users with matched ease through automatically choose.

For entertainment, Huawei Vision and Huawei AI Speaker supports Huawei’s voice assistant Celia. Huawei Vision integrates HUAWEI Video, YouKu and other mainstream video platforms, and a rich music gallery comprising HUAWEI Music and more, while Huawei AI Speaker comes with a music gallery and supports HUAWEI Share OneHop.

Digital tools that deliver practicability and convenience

By December, 2019, AppGallery’s utility application download increased by 11.8% year on year.

• The number of HUAWEI Life Service users increased by 245% than last year.

• 191% more users are using HUAWEI Mobile Cloud to manage media and subscriptions. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud introduced Family Sharing feature so family members can share storage, payment and purchases, driving the family-based digital era forward.

• HUAWEI SkyTone provides network, car rental and hotel booking services all over the world1 for travellers.

• HMS released a series of education applications and online courses including HUAWEI Reader and education zones on HUAWEI Video and HUAWEI AI Speaker, offering a new way to learn.

• HUAWEI Reader audio book users increased by 324.5% while HUAWEI Music Radio channel users increased by 122.3%.

• In HUAWEI Member Centre, near 80% users participated in discussions on food, travel and photography etc. HUAWEI next-image community provides opportunities for users who capture the beauty of life to show their personality and discovery.

Constructing a leading ecosystem with global developers

As of December 2019, over 550000 applications have integrated HMS Core capabilities to deliver localised application experience, among which the number of overseas applications increased by 367%. Over 1700 Quick Apps are listed on AppGallery, a 240% annual increase, while HUAWEI Ability Gallery has integrated over 8000 quality services, a 150% annual increase.

HUAWEI Sound X Unveiled with the P40, Taking Hi-End Audio to Lofty Heights

In addition to technology support, HMS offers HUAWEI Ads for application promotion, AppGallery Connect that enables efficient application operation, as well as Shining Star programme with USD 1 billion incentive. HMS also provides various platforms for developers such as Huawei Develop Conference, Huawei Developer Day and DigiX Studio.

In 2019, HMS and global developers together witnessed revolutionary changes in the global ecosystem and digital life. Moving forward in 2020, HMS will move on to build HMS Ecosystem into an all-scenario intelligent ecosystem and create a safer, smarter, easier and richer seamless AI lifestyle for global device users.

For more information, please visit: Huawei Mobile Services White Paper@2020

1.Availability may vary by region.