Feb 24. 2020

Huawei Share Partners with CEWE to Explore New Frontiers in Printing

Huawei works with CEWE, the leading photo printing company in Europe, to bring its brand-new cross-device smart connected solution Huawei Share, into the realm of printing. The partnership is expected to culminate with the development of a unique intelligent printing experience, characterized by smart connectivity, high-speed transmission, intelligent collaboration, and the seamless flow of content.

Printing a photo from a mobile phone is universally regarded as a tedious process, and for good reason. Users need to connect their phone to a printer in wired mode, and follow a series of lengthy instructions to achieve the desired outcome. Huawei Share simplifies device discovery and pairing, enabling CEWE photo stations and Huawei devices to transfer data securely, and at lightning-fast speeds.

"Huawei Share revolutionizes connectivity by facilitating convenient, efficient short-range transmission and sharing between devices," said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group. "Huawei will work tirelessly to empower developers and partners through relentlessly technological innovation, and work with them to deliver all-scenario intelligence for global consumers."

Huawei Share Partners with CEWE to Explore New Frontiers in Printing

Huawei Share is an innovative technology that provides for high-speed wireless transmission, streamlined connections, intelligent collaboration, and nearly instant projection, between near-field devices. Without the need for network access, Huawei Share detects supporting devices through Bluetooth, and then transmits, shares, or projects the content via direct connection.

Huawei Share represents an important component of Huawei's Seamless AI Life strategy, providing an efficient and convenient transmission mode linking the massive pool of 1+8+N smart devices at its disposal. In doing so, Huawei Share introduces a trailblazing model for cross-device collaboration and resource pooling, unleashing the latent potential of ubiquitous intelligence, and enriching the lives of users with new and unforeseen capabilities.

Huawei Share reinvents how Huawei phones and devices interact and share content with one another, and incorporates a wide range of products, including smart watches, speakers, PCs, and tablets. Under it, files, songs, watch faces… even Internet connections, can be shared with a single tap, expanding the scope of cross-device functionality to encompass all conceivable usage scenarios.

The Huawei Share capabilities are sealed deep in the package, then presented in the form of a simplified kit for developers to integrate into apps and smart devices. This solution boosts the transmission efficiency between third-party devices (such as printers, drones, cameras, and fitness machines) and Huawei devices, for effortless sharing on a mere whim.

Moreover, Huawei Share is remarkably efficient, when compared with traditional file transfer modes, as it does not consume mobile data, while transmitting up to 3000 HD images, 1000 songs, or 50 short videos within one minute, without affecting operations that require an Internet connection in the slightest.

As Europe's leading photo service and online printing provider, CEWE has expanded its CEWE photo stations to 20000 retail sites in Europe, by collaborating with prominent drugstores, supermarkets, and consumer electronics chains. Huawei is committed to using Huawei Share as a springboard for greater engagement with a wider range of partners, one that will usher in an era of unbounded, instantly-accessible, and instantly-sharable intelligence.