Dec 30. 2022

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

Huawei's annual smartphone photography competition, HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 concluded on December 30th, with the unveiling of this year's 54 prize-winning works, which included 3 Grand Prize Winners, 24 Best-in-Category Winners, and 27 Runner-up Winners.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

The NEXT IMAGE Awards kicked off on August 1 this year and remained open for more than three months. It aims to showcase the role of mobile photography in daily life, by presenting outstanding works that breadth of human experiences on full display. This year's competition featured entries addressing popular themes, including the following: Perfect Leap, Colourful World, Natural Vientiane, Family Bonds, and Animal Perspective. The top 3 phone models in terms of number of submissions were the HUAWEI P40 Pro, HUAWEI P30 Pro, and HUAWEI P50 Pro, and entrants from China, the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Poland, and Italy submitted the largest number of works.

Grand Prize Winners

Three works: "FORCE" by Adão Filipe Fernandes Salgado, "Just Shaen" by Enrica Brescia, and "Fireworks" by Wang Zihao won universal acclaim within the international judging panel. Each of the three works was recognized as Grand Prize Winners and will receive a $10,000 USD cash prize to encourage them in their future artistic endeavors.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Adão Filipe Fernandes Salgado (Portugal)

Judges' Comments: "There is order in the movement, and there is a harmonious beauty in the intricacies. The image brings unstoppable vitality, which is the world and us who are looking at the image need the most at this time." — Nicole Xue, Former ELLE China Editorial Director

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Enrica Brescia (Italy)
Just Shaen | HUAWEI P40 Pro

Judges' Comments: "So natural and simple and yet so beautiful. You can feel the spontaneity and sincerity of the smile which gives you a positive feeling." — Mihaela Noroc, Romanian photographer

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Wang Zihao (Germany)
Fireworks | HUAWEI P40 Pro

Judges' Comments: "Perfectly timed photo of a fireworks show on a river, the only other light is coming from a smartphone, you can barely see a smaller horizontal version of this photo on its screen." — Federico Ciamei, Italian photographer

Nine invigorating categories

The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 featured nine categories of submissions: Art & Fashion, Outdoor, Portrait, Sport, Hello Life, Storyboard, Action, Storytelling Short Film, and Storytelling Long Film, with Best-in-Category and Runner-up Winners selected for each. Each of the 24 Best-in-Category Winners will receive a NEXT IMAGE Creative Fund prize of $1,500 USD, and each of the 27 Runner-up Winners will receive a HUAWEI P50 Pro.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Aung Chan Thar (Myanmar)
Inle Market | HUAWEI P40 | Outdoor | Best-in-Category Winners

This year's submissions brought a wide range of experiences and settings to life, from natural scenery like mountains, lakes, sunrises and sunsets, to cityscapes, to delightful human interactions. The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards aims to inspire ordinary users to capture important life moments through mobile photography.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Wang Lin (Australia)
Sisters | HUAWEI P30 | Hello Life | Best-in-Category Winners

This year's competition added five new categories: Art & Fashion and Sport, and three video categories: Action, Storytelling Short Film and Storytelling Long Film.

NEXT IMAGE: Staying future-oriented by fostering a premium brand

The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards serves as a platform for Huawei mobile photography, by showcasing the works of Huawei's talented user base. "NEXT" represents our vision for the future, the exploration of next-generation imaging technologies and emergence of a next-generation of image creators. "IMAGE" refers to static & new forms of dynamic visual expression that help users tell stories and express themselves in unique ways.

The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards, along with the online NEXT IMAGE Community, the global NEXT IMAGE Exhibition, and the offline NEXT IMAGE College held in retail stores to help usher in a new era for mobile photography.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 winners announced

©Mark Anthony Agtay (United Arab Emirates)
Working Hands | HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro | Storyboard | Best-in-Category Winners

NEXT IMAGE has helped chart a future for mobile photography

Since its launch in 2017, the HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards has served as a unique showcase for outstanding photography works by Huawei mobile phone users.
The competition will continue to inspire and engage with talented mobile phone users, as Huawei introduces innovative mobile imaging technologies and experiences.
The full list of winning works: