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The 2.5D double-sided curved glass surface is fun to touch, beautiful to look at, and it’s 7H hardness rating makes it equal to quartz to prevent scratches and damage. The sapphire blue version of HUAWEI P10 lite was inspired by water, and a 0.1 mm shiny film under its back glass appears to reflect rippling waves that change as lighting conditions change.



A wide-gamut RGB colour scheme inside HUAWEI P10 lite’s 5.2-inch FHD display adds 21 percent more colour and detail to capture the full richness of the world around you. The display is not only better, it’s 20 percent thinner. And at night, eye comfort mode adjusts to reduce eye strain.
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HUAWEI P10 lite’s new 3000 mAh (TYP) battery charges faster and lasts longer. A 10-minute charge powers 2 hours of video watching, meaning the fun never stops. Certified by 11 global organisations, the 5-level safety design and fast charge technology gives you the confidence and power to move as fast as you want to.*

*Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.
 Charging data obtained by HUAWEI labouratories. Charging tests are conducted at a temperature of 25℃, in 45%–80% humidity.
Video: Screen brightness set to 60 nits, 4G signal strength with full bars, playing a 720p video file with earphones at 50% volume.
Actual times will vary based on actual phone usage.


The intelligent battery has finally arrived. Smart Power-Saving 5.0 improves battery life, lowers power consumption and optimises app usage to extend the time between charges. Longer battery life to power your life and the apps you love.
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The 8-core Kirin 658 processor—exclusively for HUAWEI P10 lite—has a clock rate of up to 2.36 GHz and works harder and faster with less drain on the battery. HUAWEI’s i5 coprocessor further reduces power consumption, extends battery life, giving you more time to have fun.
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The 8 MP front camera’s new portrait mode with facial recognition technology automatically creates aesthetic photos with natural bokeh that are beautiful and easy to capture. A powerful 12 MP rear camera and larger 1.25 μm pixel sensor adds a professional-grade camera inside HUAWEI P10 lite.


One tap, one great selfie. HUAWEI P10 lite’s portrait mode on the 8 MP front camera uses facial technology to captures stylish selfies with natural bokeh effect. Professional-grade portraits are sharper, clearer and always more beautiful.
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The rear 12 MP camera with 1.25 µm pixel captures 20 percent more light for better photos in low light conditions. Dusk, dawn or evening photos now have more clarity, more sharpness and less noise, giving you the freedom to take great pictures anywhere.
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