Which battery-saving personality are you?

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          Are you a battery ‘booster’, ‘borrower’ or ‘survivor’?

          New research by Huawei takes a deep dive into Europe’s smartphone battery habits and the impact they have on our social lives


          Dissecting our battery behaviours

          Whether we care to admit it or not, without our phone we’re lost – sometimes literally. 


          It’s our compass, our calculator, our boarding pass, and our connection to the world. It’s also pretty useless without phone battery charge. Hence why many of us have conceived of some ingenious battery-saving strategies to save our skins.


          We wanted to find out what we use our phones for, and what worries us most when we’re low on juice. Because seriously, you don’t want to be one of the 4% of people who say they’d hug a stranger in return for charge.


          Cuddles aside, the real questions is: are you a battery ‘booster’,‘borrower’ or ‘survivor’? Because your response says a lot about who you are as a person and what you can do to make your smartphone relationship a little less, well, stressful.


          The dreaded 5% battery

          Batteries sometimes have a habit of making life difficult. Over half of you told us you’d rather not leave the house with less than 80% phone battery charge. 


          They also cloud our judgment. When we eventually find ourselves at battery critical (5% or less), 47% of us would still go on social media channels, before warning a friend or loved one our battery is about to die.


          So if you’d rather not lose friends or alienate people, you might want to consider the following tips for our three personality types.

          Which battery-saving personality are you?


          Are the largest category of smartphone users (48%). They carry around a phone battery charger or battery pack to top up on the go. But what they really need is a handset with a little extra punch.


          Make up around a third (34%) of Europeans. They look to extract every last second from their battery charges, closing down apps and switching to battery saving modes where possible. ‘Survival’ is all well and good, but how about ‘survival 2.0’? The P20 Pro’s AI driven power management makes efficient use of your battery in a way our puny human minds can’t. 


          Mostly borrow chargers from their friends and colleagues (18%). So if, for whatever reason, you’re at a loss for time and need to leave the house pronto, something like the Huawei SuperCharge will come in mighty handy.


          Should we expect more from our phone battery?

          Half of us only expect our current battery to die within a day. And when our wallet, map and (lest we forget) telephone fails us, we suffer. 


          If that sounds like you, then perhaps you agree with the majority (85%), who believe your battery should last longer – much longer in fact.  


          “With the Huawei P20 Pro, battery life will never limit users, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven power management for maximum efficiency and Huawei Supercharge, for fast refuelling.” says Andrew Garrihy, Huawei Western Europe Chief Marketing Officer. “We are committed to identifying and alleviating the common frustrations that people experience with technology”


          The Huawei P20 Pro already features a 4,000 mAh battery and supports Huawei SuperCharge technology for fast charging. A 10-minute charge powers the battery to 20%, while a 30-minute charge powers the battery to 58%.


          The Huawei P20 Pro supports 17 hours of video playback, 22 hours of 3G calling, 13 hours of web browsing and 89 hours of music playback; the HUAWEI P20 supports 16 hours of video playback, 19 hours of 3G calling, 16 hours of web browsing and 75 hours of music playback.


          P20 Pro

          The Huawei P20 Pro with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven power management.

          Notes to Editors

          This independent study was carried out by Lightspeed Research in July 2018

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