A Letter from CEO

Dear customers and partners,

The global communications industry is enriching people's lives at an incredible speed. As the development of new technologies, we will formally enter a fully-connected, intelligent era.

From 2010 till 2017, Huawei has delighted consumers with over 580 million smartphones shipped globally. We turn technology into something that consumers truly want and need, and express who we are as a consumer brand in a more personalized manner. This is done through intelligent products, design, services, and other activities. We hope everyone can experience our commitment in creating value for each one of them by staying consumer-centric.

Thanks to customers like you. With that many connected consumers, it makes sense to provide an update on the initiatives underway at Huawei to lessen our impact on the planet and work the best we can within all of our communities.

At Huawei, our vision and mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. When it comes to consumer business, it’s important to recognize the empowerment that comes from connectivity of our devices, which offer digital connections to the world whether through voice calls, online banking, email, or thousands of apps designed for every interest imaginable. It connects families and friends whether at home or work, school, or even the top of a mountain to build smarter and better lives.

We committed that our growth and development cannot come at the expense of the environment. At Huawei we take serious steps to reduce negative impact to the planet, such as design eco-friendly, reduce of packaging, print with soy-based inks, recycle products, and reduce our manufacturing impact. The Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) strives to deliver an inspired experience to global consumers through ongoing innovation and breakthroughs. To achieve this, all employees of the Consumer BG are making concerted efforts and are doing everything to honor our promises.

There’s more to explore and more to learn. Sustainability is a core part of our business at Huawei. We value your feedback and appreciate your interest.

Best regards,

Richard Yu

CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group

March 2018